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Democracy at work at BCCC


The race is heating up for students hoping to shape the future of Bucks.

The campaigns for student government positions have officially begun, as Brad Abrams, a 19-year-old Business major gathers signatures for his presidency campaign.

Abrams cares about the student body’s wants and needs, and has many ideas planned for the future of Bucks. He says, “I believe that there are a few outstanding problems in the school, such as the Wi-Fi, the problem is that the student Wi-Fi here is not that great; it crashes or it’s too slow.”

Indeed there is always room for improvement. Abrams suggests, “Getting information about news and events should be easily addressed to students.”

Abrams isn’t the only candidate who wants to solve student problems. Jonathan Pionati, 20 year old, Liberal Arts major would like to see changes to the student ID’s.
“I’d like to get student ID’s with pictures and a student account linked with the cards, it would definitely make things a whole lot easier.”

Due to budget cuts, Pionati wants to fix the matter, “If I am president I would like to get the student body to petition the state.”

The Student Government Association, or SGA, is a great way to learn leadership skills, help students, network with staff and faculty, build a great resume before leaving Bucks, and also show some school spirit.

Meetings are held every Tuesday from 12:30 p.m.-1:30 p.m, and students who are interested in participating in the club are always welcome with open arms.

The Student Government elections are open to anyone who is a current student at Bucks. Voters are able to nominate either themselves or a friend during the elections.

Votes will be accepted through the MyBucks web portal. In order to place a vote, students must have their student ID number handy.

Student voters that want to learn more about each can view candidate pictures and bios on the Bucks website.

There are only a limited amount of 10 potential positions for the elections.

There are four main positions which are President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, followed by Director of Events, and the counselor positions.

The Counselor of Student Involvement: recruits students to serve on College Committees. Our Public Relations Counselor will inform the student body of all SGA activities. Counselor of Clubs and Organizations will organize and facilitate all clubs and organization meetings. Counselor of Student advocacy will serve as liaison between the Student Association and the SGA, and Counselor at Large will serve, if appointed by the SGA, as a temporary replacement for an Officer, or Councilor.

Voting officially begins on Monday, April 14 at 9:00 a.m. and closes Friday, April 18 at 9:00 a.m.

Students who are interested in joining the SGA, can contact the student life programs by phone at 215.968.8257 or the vice president of SGA Rachael Becker at [email protected]. edu.