Snow day fun or catch-up hell?

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Snow day fun or catch-up hell?

A wintery scene from a Newtown cul-de-sac the night before Bucks’ closing on Feb. 17.

BY: JENNIFER BELL, Centurion Staff

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Students have found the recent inclement weather has been more of a hindrance than a helpful day off.

The spring semester has already had two two-hour delays, three early dismissals, and two campus closures due to the snow and ice this season.

Students are finding the time off is increasing their work load.

“If there was no delays, my schoolwork would not be as backed up,” said Jesse Hines, a full-time exercise science major.

Hines explained time missed was not a chance for him to relax and even be “lazy.”

“What makes it even more difficult is missing one class and having to catch up on four chapters for an exam,” said Rachel Brown, a business administration major.

Brown said that she puts her work off when she doesn’t have class.

There were students who considered themselves lucky to have class on the days that the weather didn’t interfere, but experienced travel delays nonetheless.

Radiology students Michelle Bradley and Chandler Defibbo travel from Montgomery County to Bucks to take a required class for the Gwenedd Mercy radiography program.

Bradley explained that the weather conditions differed from county to county, causing her delays, while classes at Bucks were starting on time.

“One day there we had ice and there was only rain here,” said Bradley.

Defibbio said she could relate to the other students who were struggling with their schedule due to her own wintery travel delays.

Students can be notified of delays and closings via the e2campus text message. Many students found the text message option to be helpful and convenient.

Students can register for the text message alerts on the Bucks website under the security and safety page


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