Student research conference is being held again

Jocelyn Pappas

The Student Research Conference returns on April 28 this year for another roundup of presentations at 10  to 3 pm.

In the event, each student that had signed up will be given 5 minutes to present a topic of their choosing.

Some students will present in groups on their topics, while some will give their speech by themselves.

While sign ups have closed, the event happens every Fall and Spring semester, with each year bringing together all the different departments of Bucks.

About 180 students have signed up this year in comparison with last year’s high of 250, with around 100 to 250 students usually signing up on average.

The faculty are welcome to attend the event, where the speeches will occur at different sections of the library.

Most of the deans at Bucks will be attending the event, and at noon they will join the students for lunch before resuming the event.

The event was first started by professors Jenn Diamond-Amorello and Lois Gilmore back in 2009, approximately making the event 12 year old.

Today, the major staff members that are tasked with leading the event are Sarahlyn Bruck and Charlie Groth, who both work in the Language and Literature department.

“I think research is a skill, no matter the situation,” stated Groth, also explaining,“It really brings the writing process alive.”

Professor Groth also expressed that research builds knowledge, and discussing the benefits of sharing presenting the research at the event stating, “It’s not a lonely endeavor.”

She believes that this sort of event could be interdisciplinary, in the sense that it could give different perspectives on students who share the same subject matter in the speech.

Bruck also feels similarly way on this sentiment, stating, “They’re cheering them on and we end up with some interesting discussions,”

She described how the speeches are easily broken up into different parts, stating, “That gives them wiggle room they talk, to expand on their research.”

Groth emphasizes on the fact that every department gets involved whether it be the Department of Fine Arts, or Engineering.

Some topic that will be covered range from art history, celebrities, literature, diseases, and all the way to politics and social sciences.

The reason for participating in the Student Research Conference varies, as some students do it as extra credit for the respective class.

For other participants of the event, it might be worthwhile to add the experience onto their work resume.

On the other hand, some students enrolled in honors courses are required to give a speech at the conference.

When asked about the success of the event based upon the previous years, Bruck stated, “It all comes down to the students themselves. It’s not because of the committee, it’s the students.”