Students excited about Spring break

Tatiana Gordon

Spring Break is right around the bend and many of the students who are enrolled at Bucks already have plans for the break such as relaxing or working.  Spring is a beautiful season to get outdoors.

Rory Marr, 21, an Early Education major, plans on hiking with friends.

He is also looking forward to watching National Geographic’s “Wild,” which he normally does not have much time to do because of school. Marr is looking forward to going back to landscaping at Don Harbison where he works.

Marr is also looking forward to listening to music and going to a concert. Sixto Rodriguez, 888, Green Day are some of his favorite bands.

Marr says, “I hope to see new experiences during the Spring Break such as going to the Dead Mou5 concert in April.”

Holly Jones, 21, a Business Administration Major, is excited to actually get a break from school. Jones plans on working at ISS Solutions and on seeing “Beauty and the Beast” with her sister.

Jones also plans on going to a flower show in Philadelphia which she is the most excited about. She says, “I am psyched to see how all of the plants and flowers are set up and to see the colors of all of the beautiful flowers.”

Nicholas Stith, 20, a biology student, hopes to go see the new movie “King Kong” with friends and family members.

Stith is overjoyed about hanging out with family members and staying at home. He is merely excited about not getting up early for class and for once, being able to sleep in.

Kyle Taylor, 19, an information science major, plans on taking a trip with his friends and family members to the Poconos near Scranton. He hopes that the weather will be warm enough to go fishing and swimming.

He and his family has a place in a small community where they go to hang out and have a blast. Taylor normally goes to the mountains in the spring or summer time.

He says, “The place where my family and I go in the mountains is a little community where everyone goes to either swim or go fishing or to simply enjoy the outdoors with your loved ones.”

Other than going to the mountains, Taylor, plans on catching up on homework for classes which he is thrilled about.