2017 SGA elections are held

Tatiana Gordon

Students at Bucks will be able to vote for the president, vice president, secretary or the treasurer position of the Student Government on the My Bucks Portal on April 24-April 28.

Anyone who is enrolled at Bucks and has a GPA of 2.0 or higher can apply to become either the president, vice president, secretary or treasurer of the Student Government Association.

Theodora Dagkli Andonopolous, 20, a criminal justice major, is interested in the people and the stories that each individual has to offer. Andonopolous, in the past was elected for the secretary position for SGA (Student Government Association) but now she is running for president.

Andonopolous looks up to the current president of SGA, Razin useful name and says, “As the time for elections approached, I realized that Razin has done such a magnificent job creating a family not only for SGA members but for members of the entire student body.”

Andonopolous wants to follow Razin’s lead and doesn’t want students thinking of her as “higher position student” but instead wants students to come to her, her team, or colleagues for support or advice.

Andonopolous says, “My goal as a president of SGA is to be a voice for the students. I want to be that bridge between the students and administrators where students will feel comfortable sharing with me issues and matters that concern them of any aspects.”

Anthony Consoli, 25, a psychology major, is running for the secretary position. He became interested in being involved in SGA a year ago about.

Consoli always loved volunteering and staying active. This year, he is involved in a number of clubs and other activities.

SGA is one of the clubs he is involved in,  and he says, “This organization is a good support for the school and is a voice for the students if they have a concern. The SGA is about giving benefits to the students and helping to make their academic easier.”

Noor Dean Takiedine, 23, from Holland, is running for the president position of SGA and decided he wanted to run around the end of February.

The most important accomplishment for him is to spread awareness of all activities, events and the benefits Bucks has to offer.

Many students at Bucks are unaware that having 30 credits can lead to becoming an alumni at this school. Becoming an alumni can give an individual an opportunity to get involved in certain programs and taking advantage of the pool, weight room etc.

Many students are also, not aware that Bucks offers 100 scholarships to those that are qualified and Takiedine hopes to make students aware of the different scholarships that the school provides and the process needed in order to fill one out.

Takiedine says, “My hope is to gather and disseminate to the student body information not otherwise available that will be helpful to students in making the most effective use of their time at Bucks County Community College.

Helena Gallant, 22, Social Work, hoping for a president of SGA to be personable and caring for the needs of the students. She hopes that the president of the SGA will take pride in the students and the school.