Psychology Club Looking for New Minds

Jocelyn Pappas, Centurion Staff

The Psychology club is now
looking for new bright minds of
all types who are interested in
learning more about the human
psyche and engaging in various
activities with fellow students
interested in the topic.
The club meets up bimonthly,
and is located on the Bucks Newtown
Campus, normally meeting
at Rollins 116 on Tuesdays.
Some days for special purposes,
the club has plans to meet on the
third floor of the Founder’s hall.
Anthony J. Consoli, the treasurer
of the club and current psychology
major, encourages students
to join regardless of their major,
expressing that psychology is a
vast topic.
“Instead of sitting around, we
like to keep active,” Consoli
stated, going on to explain how
the club does various activities in
relation to their passion for psychology,
stating, “we try to keep it
When asked about some activities
the club pursues, Mary Barr,
the current president of the club,
had stated, “we’re hoping for
more guest speakers.”
Some of the activities involve
field trips to museums, while
sometimes it is much more
straightforward, such as discussing
methods of stress relief or
articles about the newest discoveries
of the subject.
On occasion they hold a day
for practicing yoga, which is a
commonly known as an effective
method of relieving stress.
As of now, the club is hoping to
create social experiments in the
future, which could take place on
Similarly to other clubs, the
psychology club holds bake
sales as one of their many other
Consoli expressed that some
faculty would be helping out with
the social experiments that are
currently in the works.
When asked about the benefits
of psychology, many of the club
members agreed it was helpful.
Some even expressed that in
their opinion, it helped in overcoming
certain struggles that
could commonly be found in society
today, such as mental illness
and social stigmas.
Consoli also express that, “psychology
enriches so many aspects,
whether it be relationships or anything.
It could help you manage
relationships or stress.”
Tyshawh Williams’Roy, a
current student and club member,
explained the subject of psychology
in his words; “I think the main
goal to strive for in psychology,
is to use what you’ve learned to
achieve a better quality of life.”
Williams’Roy also described
that, “psychology is sort of like
Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of the War, except
in your mind.”
To inquire more about joining
the BCC Psychology club, contact
Aimee Kurtz at aimee.kurtz@