Revival of Tyler Literary Club


Jocelyn Pappas, Centurion Staff

The Tyler Literary Society Club is rising anew after closing down due to lack of participants in the 2016 fall semester.
After the previous president of the club moved away from Bucks, it was left without anyone in charge.
However, halfway through the spring semester, Lesa Shirley became the new president. She had an interest in starting up the club once more.
Although Shirley is enrolled in the music department, she expressed her love of the arts and literature overall.
Currently, the team consists of Vice President Danielle Shead, Secretary Mary Kate McGarvey, and Treasurer Delaney Hensor.
Eric Specian, a part-time faculty member, acts as the advisor and is working with Shirley and the rest of the members to revive the club.
The club currently meets in the Rollins Center in room 112, with meetings typically lasting from 12:30 to 4:30.
Notably, the club is in charge of putting together each issue of the Tyler Literary Magazine, formerly known as The Literary Review.
The club is currently accepting more submissions for the upcoming issue, which is set to be released on May 1.
Shirley explained that some changes will be made to the format of the magazine in comparison with the previous issues.
An accredited publication, the Tyler Literary Magazine is a collection of poetry, essays, short stories, photography and much more – by the students, for the students.
Although publishing by deadline is the club’s biggest goal,
Shirley explained how the club aims at more than simply getting the magazine done on time.
“Writing has benefited me…. In writing you can make up anything and there is no limit. I can apply that when writing for the magazine, when I write true to myself, and about something I stand strong for,” Snead said.
“Writing and literature is a way for me to express my creativity and get out my emotions. It’s a stress relief and creativity all mixed into one,” McGarvey responded.
“Writing and literature has benefited me because of the therapy in it. It has saved my life, changed it, and is the reason I’m here today. The power of pen and paper on a page can be life-altering. Applying that to the magazine is important because you never know who might need uplifting,” Shirley concluded.
She also hopes that the club will help grow appreciation for culture and the arts, with the desire of more voices being heard from students.
“Normally the things I write are for my eyes only, but the magazine gives me a chance to share it with others, and it challenged me to write shorter things,” McGarvey said.
Shirley mentioned that there are upcoming plans for book readings from the club, and that are many more plans to execute after summer breaks.
Additionally, the club hopes to plan what Shirley calls a “Finals Countdown” sale, in order to raise money and recruit new members.
On one table, they will be selling small packages containing a variety of things that a student might want for final exam preparation, such as pencils and lots of coffee.
Another table will be set up with details about the club in hopes of encouraging more students to join it.
Those interested in joining can inquire about the club at [email protected].