Students should visit the Transfer Center

Vincent Barreras

Students looking to transfer to a four-year university once they have completed their associate’s degree may benefit from visiting the advising and transfer center. Students can talk to Jody Seutter, who is the head of the Advising and Transfer Center.

There are many questions students could have about undergoing this process. One may be a question of when should students submit their transfer forms?

“There are a wide variety of transfer options available to students at Bucks. Some require the submission of paperwork (e.g. dual admission agreements) prior to accruing a certain amount of credits. This number varies by transfer institution but usually ranges between 30 and 45 credits completed” said Seutter.

“The best advice I can give is that a student interested in transferring should make an appointment in the Advising & Transfer Center as soon as possible (preferably in their first semester of study).”

Seutter also has advice on when students should apply for scholarships.

“The “best time” for applying for scholarships varies and depends greatly upon that particular institution’s requirements. That said, some of our transfer agreements provide scholarships to Bucks students specifically based upon their completion of the Associate’s degree with a sufficient GPA. Most of these scholarships are automatic provided that you complete the requirements as stated in the governing agreement.”

One college that seems to be a popular transfer destination is Temple University.

“If a student is interested in transferring to Temple University, they would make an appointment in the Advising & Transfer Center. At that point, we would review the student’s transcripts and major to determine which transfer option is best for them. If the student interested in attending Temple comes to us early enough in the process, Dual Admissions could be an option,” Seutter said.

Lastly, one of the biggest concerns most students may have would be in regards to their classes transferring. Sometimes, unfortunately, certain credits don’t transfer to schools. This could be for a multitude of reasons.

“Whether all credits earned at Bucks will be accepted by a transfer institution is a complex question with many variables. Barring any agreement already in place, the college or university of your choice would review your transcripts and make a determination on a case-by-case basis. This is where the Advising & Transfer Center can be of great assistance as we can discuss dual admissions, guaranteed admissions, and block transfer agreements where successful graduation from Bucks with an Associate’s degree can replace the first full two years at specific four-year colleges and universities, guaranteed,” Seutter said.

These would be the steps to follow to ensure the transfer to be as smooth as possible. Like Seutter has said, “The general theme is the same- come to the Advising & Transfer Center early and often to ensure that you get the best deal possible.” For any further questions on this, students can email Mr. Seutter at [email protected].  His office is located in Rollins 63. Good luck to all.