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Present Your Ideas and Findings at the 2017 Fall SRC

Taylor Marzi

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Come participate in an academically rich event and build up your resume! The Bi-Annual Research Conference at Bucks is always an exciting event for the campus and will be back Dec 1, 2017 9 a.m.- 3 p.m.

What is the Bi-Annual Research Conference? Professor of Language and Literature Charlie Groth, the woman in charge of the research conference who is very enthusiastic about the conference said, “it is magic! The basics of it is a day when students present the research they’ve been working on. Sometimes in classes (but sometimes it’s not).”

“You’re doing research to do things and have thoughts with other people to learn about your ideas. All of these really interesting conversations happen. This is a huge community day for Bucks, everyone is involved, the moderators, students, dean, president. Since it’s during registration it’s a good time to learn about majors.”

The conference is also a recipient of a Bellwether award, and has been around for 10 years on this campus. It is also open to the public and many members of the community come to participate.

Many different topics are discussed at the Student Research Conference. From Comp 111, literature, STEM, sociology, kinesiology, and many more. Presenters can even organize a panel of similar topics and discuss from several different points of view.

The conference can be very beneficial to students and audience members. Presenters can build their resume and learn crucial public speaking skills while participating. Audience members can discuss and learn about new majors and meet new professors that they may be interested in. It’s very important to submit your proposal to present by Nov 4 at 11:59 p.m. because late submissions will not be accepted.

If a student is nervous to present in front of an audience there’s no need to worry! Professor Groth shared some pointers for a first-time participant:

“Don’t forget to enjoy yourself! Know there isn’t a right or wrong and they are just as nervous as you are. The audience is interested in what you have to say. Because the audience hasn’t seen this research they are not there to judge you. And don’t forget to come for free lunch. You must remember to register on time and that the time and date is firm. You have to do that on time. Otherwise it’s not as scary as they might think and in fact was very interesting. Look at the website for information.”

For more information on the Bi-Annual Student Research Conference make sure to go on the college website research conference page where a video of a past conference can be found, along with how to submit work and how to cite research.

Forms of media are allowed in presentations such as videos, recordings, posters, or just speaking about a topic. Presenters are in charge of their own media in their presentations.

Email  [email protected] for any questions regarding to the Bi-Annual Research conference

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Present Your Ideas and Findings at the 2017 Fall SRC