Students Encouraged to Get Out and Vote


Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Bradley Hare

This November 6, there will be a election for Pennsylvania’s members of Congress, statewide offices, state senate for district 6, and house of representatives for district 141. With the Republicans currently holding the House, Democrats are currently doing everything they can to wrestle control back.

While there are a couple Libertarian and Green party members, the majority of the candidates still are Republicans and Democrats.

Amongst the mist of all the mud slinging and self-congratulating the political candidates are showing off, they are now also encouraing more people to go out and vote. Such a tactic can be seen in the “Dear Young People, Don’t Vote” ad, which older residents are using reverse psycology to convince the youth to vote.

A common belief that older people have is that they believe that the newer generation doesn’t care about voting in the latest election. From a short survey taking with several students, this belief seems to be nothing more than an old wives’ tale.

Dan McNamee, a 19-year-old Sports Management major from South Hampton, is just one of the many students who is planning on voting. He claims that he’ll be voting because every vote counts. This is a feeling that the 24-year-old woman, Miranda Mowery, Nurse Major from Levittown, shares.

Nana Asare, an 18-year-old with a Nursing Major from Philadelphia is voting in her first ever election this November. “I feel that it is important that I give my opinion by voting.” Asare justified.

William Tuthill, an 20-year-old going to college for a Sports Management major, living in Levittown, plans on voting as well, stating that we need change. The promise for change is something that almost every major political leader promises, most famously Barack Obama with his legendary “change we can believe in” speech.

Sierra Jones, a 19-year-old from Pennsylvania going to college for a Nursing Major, claims that they are voting in the November. “I want to make a difference.” Jones stated.

For others, there is a more personal reason. Such a example of this person is 20-year-old Gianni Mitchell from Trevose, who is currently at Bucks in order to earn his Communications major. Mitchell’s decision to vote is to protect their rights.

The only person who was in the pool that didn’t plan on voting was the 20-year-old English major from Yardley, Amala Rajesh, and even than they are just undecided. “I’m not really too invested in politics or stuff like that.” Rajesh confesses.

This November election is shaping up to be a very decisive one at the very least. After Donald Trump stunned the entire world by winning with the electoral votes pushing him over the top while losing the popular vote, the message of “every vote counts” is louder than ever before.

Be sure to head out to your closest election booth on November 6 to vote for the candidate that you personally want. Remember that the polls are open from 7 A.M. to 8 P.M., so set some time out during the day to go out and vote before you lose the chance to.