Eco Club Hosts Clean Cars Event in Linksz

Eco Club Hosts Clean Cars Event in Linksz

Sarah Siock, Centurion Staff

BCCC’s Eco Club joined PennEnivronment to present a Clean Cars Event in the Linksz Pavillon on Oct. 3 to celebrate the Corporate Average Fuel Economy standard’s sixth year as a federal law.

The Clean Cars Event took place for from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and had various agendas. PennEnvironment liaison, Megan Chellow, explained the goal of the event “We want to have fun and celebrate the standard’s sixth birthday; however, we want to bring awareness to the fact that the new administration wants to repeal the law.”

Chellow also explained that the standards require that all new cars get 54.5 miles to the gallon and that each car made must meet a certain fuel standard.

Chellow added, “These standards reduce dependency on gas, carbon dioxide, and most importantly climate change.”
Faculty advisor of the Eco Club, Joann Corn, wanted it to be known that the standards have a big effect on everyone.
“Automotive fuel efficiency helps keep our air clean. Maintaining a healthy environment is everyone’s business, especially if we hope to preserve it for generations to come,” said Corn.

The event was open to members and nonmembers of the Eco Club. Members attracted newcomers by playing music and offering desserts like cupcakes and cookies.

Nonmembers were welcome to fill out a sign in sheet to show interest in the club’s upcoming events. During the event, students wrote letters to local government officials urging them to speak out publicly against the possible rollback the standards are facing.

President of Eco Club, Brianna Columbo, wanted students to know that the event not only created awareness, but stood for something bigger.

“The whole school should understand that we all have a voice and we all can help create better change for our beloved world,” said Columbo.

“Eco Club’s mission is environmental activism,” said Vice President, Kayla Farley. The club organizes several other events that involves topics like hurricane relief, roadside cleanup, and tree planting. Information about events can be found through the club’s social media, word of mouth, and posters around the school.

The Eco Club is now in its second year, after a brief hiatus, and wants to spread awareness of their club. “We want to get people excited about upcoming events,” Farley said.

So far, there have been 4,000 signatures collected nationwide to petition the repeal of the Corporate Average Economy Fuel standards. The Eco Club’s event alone collected a little over 50 signatures.

Farley pointed out, “Even though our signatures are just a drop in the bucket, we are still making a change.”

Eco Club will still have the petitions available around campus all next week in case anyone was not able to attend the event. You do not need to be registered to vote to sign the petition since it is a federal law, so use your voice.