GOP Club Looking to Grow


Zachary Shoester (Right) and Marissa Kramer (Left)

Bradley Hare

With the upcoming election, the time is right to choose who you want to vote for, and the Republican club wants to do its best to help you choose you preferred candidate.

The club president, Zachary Shoester, a 19-year-old Political Science Major from Southampton, claims that the club’s goal is to, in his words, promote conservative values, bring in Republican speakers, perform volunteer work on the opium crisis, re-election, work, and local campaigns. The club is currently invested in Republican Brian Fitzpatrick.

They are hard at work promoting people to get involved in the community, whenever it be discussing issues within the public, or just simply voting. In fact, the club already have several volunteers going door-to-door, knocking on them and making sure people get out to vote, regardless of their party status.

As for other events to help get people involved in the political side of life, they are already hard at work creating a big event.

“On November 1 at 7:00 PM, we’re hosting an event with Morris Darey, the founder of the non-profit organization called “No More Pain”, and we’re going to be hosting a town hall.” states Zachary.

“We’ll also have Morris, a speaker of his choosing and the Bucks County Commissioner, Loughtery, to speak about the Opium Crisis, which is especially a big issue in Lower Bucks. We’ll than have tables set outside where we can distribute information where addicts can get cleaned, where you can volunteer, and promote the “Push Out the Pusher” campaign, which helps law enforcement track down drug Pushers.” The club president energetically declared.

If you fear that just because they have the label of being Republican means that they won’t respect Democrats, that statement is entirely false.

“We may disagree with them, but we are just two different sides of the spectrum.” Zachary explained. “If there is one thing we are trying to get down and moving on in our careers, it’s getting rid of the tribalism in our politics. It’s just two sides at each other’s throats over a disagreement.” he concluded.

“We don’t always agree with them, but just like we are, they are entitled to their own opinion. We would just like to find a common ground. I don’t have anything against them; it’s just that if they’re hostile to me, I’ll be hostile back.” Marissa commented.

In the end, they both would just like to see tensions mended, inviting anyone to come down to this club with open arms.

“If they want to join, just come down to a club meeting and get to know us and what the club is about.” Marissa Kramer, a 19-year-old Pre-Law Major from Warrington advised.

“Same thing; just come down, see what we do and just what fits you.” Zachary agreed. “We don’t strictly fit the party line. Some are more conservative than others.”

In fact, according to Zachary, the most important aspect of this club is the free flow of ideas.

“Say if someone comes in as a liberal and wants to talk about their opinions, we will let them talk and won’t shut them down.” Zachary elaborated. “We see so many different viewpoints come in with such a short time.”

“Coming off that, learning how to work together with different opposing viewpoint is a vital part of this club.” Marissa added on.

You can take part in the Republican club by attending their meetings on Tuesdays at 12:30-1:30 PM in Grupp Hall 256.Whenever they’re Democratic, Green Party, Libertarian, you’re allowed to take part of this club.