Adventure Awaits with the Trip and Travel Club

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Adventure Awaits with the Trip and Travel Club

Alicia Minch, Centurion Staff

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The Trip and Travel Club opens many opportunities for full day, inexpensive travel for students currently enrolled at Bucks.

If you’ve never traveled before, this club is the perfect opportunity to go to new places and explore cultures with your friends and fellow clubmates!

The advisor of this club is Heather Kouveras, who is a Program Developer here at Bucks. The goal of each trip is to “broaden horizons and get people thinking” she says. “There is typically some correlation to learning goals in all areas of study. Sometimes it is a specific event and sometimes it is tasting a food from a different culture and finding something new to love. We try to combine each activity with a lot of interesting facts and fun!”

There is no fee to pay to join the club, you pay per trip. The prices for these trips are very inexpensive. Most trips are between $20-$25, the highest priced upcoming trip is $55. This club raises money for the Bucks County Housing Group, a group that provides housing for indigent people who live in Bucks County.This club provides students with transportation by luxury motor coach, which arrives at the Newtown Campus at Student Lot 4. The motor coach will arrive at 7:30 a.m. and will bring you back to school at 6:30 p.m., or after, depending on the trip. You will have a full day to spend with your friends and clubmates!

This club averages around 40 trips a year. With that many trips, there’s something for everyone. Obviously, you don’t have to go to every single one, you pick which events you’d like to go to. Some of the previous trips include the Baltimore Aquarium, Statue of Liberty, Franklin Institute, and many others.One of the upcoming trips is to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty on March 30th.

This includes a ferry ride to the island, tours, and lunch without the big group. Some other upcoming trips include the 9/11 Memorial & Museum, Eating Tours in the Lower East Side and one in Greenwich Village, Washington, DC, and multiple other exciting trips!

The club has a number of friendly people. And on how many people can join, Ms. Kouveras says “The more the merrier!”The meeting place of the club is in the Rollins Center, room 122, near the testing center. The club meeting days are TBD, so if you want to be involved, you should email [email protected]

You can purchase tickets online and see all the newest trips at

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