Veterans Club Welcoming New Members

Jon Corley, Centurion Staff

The Veterans club is gearing up for the spring semester and is calling all currently enrolled Bucks students who served in the U.S. military to join its ranks and be among fellow soldiers.
The clubs new President, Ricky Stuckey, 29, a Paralegal Studies major, plans to give Veterans a place to go and find people to connect with and who share similar paths and experiences.
Matt Cipriano, the adviser for the club, contacted Stuckey about the club and offered him the position of president in the beginning of the semester, which he accepted.
Stuckey, who served in the Army as a Sargent in the 160 special ops, learned that you come to depend on your fellow soldiers and see them as family as everyone becomes your brother and sister.
He also learned that anyone who wore the same uniform had similar goals and reasons for being in the army, despite being diverse in regards to their backgrounds. Stuckey saw the value of soldiers working together and how it benefits everyone involved, something he wants to bring to the club as a means to recreate that experience.
The clubs secretary, Ross Alexander Whitley, 29, a communications major, has similar plans for the future of the club as he also wants to bring all of the veterans in the college together in order to help each other out.
There are also plans about events in regards to gatherings in order to get everyone to meet one another individually, though the specifics are still being discussed as of now.
Whitley, who served as a Staff Sargent in the Air Force, stated “While there are no current actives planned, the club strives to give the veterans involved a way to continue serving the community in their own way.”
The club also provides support, resources, and programs for returning military men and women and their family members.
The clubs vice president Krystal Harbuagh, 29, a nursing major, has suggested in finding a way in order to get the potential club members these resources as a way to make them feel included as other goal for the club is to offer a friendly and supportive environment for members.
Harbuagh, who served in the Air Force reserves as a Senior Airmen, stated that the plan was to “bring resources here to the veterans club instead of them having to seek it out for themselves.”

Even as their methods seem different, they all share the same goal to bring veterans together and give them a place to feel welcomed involved, just as Stuckey explained that even among a diverse crowd
While the meeting hours are still being discussed, the club will be held in the Stars and Strips lounge in room 112-4 near the student life office in the Rollins Students center.
For more information about the club, you can contact Matt, Ricky, and/or Krystal at [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]
Stuckey stated that the club is eager for new members when he said “If you’re a veteran reading this article, please consider joining as we’re all still a family.”