Advice for Incoming Bucks Students

Photo Courtesy of Bucks' Website

James Wister, Centurion Staff

Starting at a new school can be a stressful and overwhelming task, and current Bucks students have advice and tips for the new students that can help them be successful here.
The spring semester is coming to an end, and the next time most students return to campus there will be plenty of new faces here at Bucks County Community College.
Students graduating high school or transferring from other schools will be starting a new chapter of their academic careers.
Brian Tomes, a 22 year old Accounting major from Philadelphia, suggests that new students become involved at school. Tomes is involved in the sports management club and he said it has helped him meet new people and he wishes that he had joined the club sooner.
Bucks County Community College offers students a wide variety of interesting clubs to join such as the Anime Club, Music Society, Eco Club, Gaming Club, Drama Club, Radio Bux and many other clubs. Incoming Bucks student athletes have the option to play a variety of sports as well.
Cassie Tavormina, a 20 year old psychology major from Warminster who plays for the Lady Centurions basketball team, believes that joining a sport at Bucks is a great thing for new students to do to get involved. “Playing basketball here at Bucks helped forge the path to succeed,” sais Tavormina.
Finding a way to get involved at school is the most import thing for new students to do. Just coming to school to go to class and then leaving will leave you feeling left out.
Izzy Serafini, a 19 year-old business major from Doylestown, would advise new students to be open to new people. Izzy said, “be as social as possible and reach out to people.” Serafini also said she has made a lot of good friends here at Bucks.
Besides socializing with new people, there are other important things new students should keep in mind when they start their first semester. The library here at Bucks can be a very useful tool for students who want to take the initiative to succeed. Tutoring in the library is free to all students and you can receive help with any subject.
Edward Ma, a 23 year-old Criminal Justice major from Philadelphia, wants new students to take advantage of all the library offers. Ma said, “I go to the library to get help writing essays and they help direct me the right way to write it. Take advantage of everything the school can do for you.”
Making the most of your time at Bucks County Community College can be very beneficial to your future success. Bucks allows students to lay the foundation of a successful academic career that you can build upon after transferring.
For new students that arrive on campus, make sure to talk to students who have been here and they’ll tell you about all of the great things you can find here at Bucks.