Students Enjoy the Spring Fling


Jon Corley

Bucks held its annual Spring Fling on Thursday April 25.
The event is held every year at the end of April. People can spend some time relaxing and enjoying the spring weather during the event
The event is not exclusively for students, but to families and anyone else curious about the event as well. Provost Lisa Angelo said, “I’m grateful for the wonderful weather and not only did we have a great student turnout for students, but families as well.”
The Spring Fling also gives new students the idea of the events that take place at Bucks. Julian Frick, 19 of Doylestown said, “Its really cool. I didn’t know that we had events like this and I’m glad to be a part of it.”
While the event was planned for April 24, some of the students were taken by surprise by it. Tim Youse, 19, an audio engineering major from Newtown commented about the events advertising stating “I wish that there were more advertisements for it. I knew it was going to happen, just not today.”
The Spring Fling offers its crowd various activities including mini golf, frisbee, basketball, a virtual reality stand, and a raffle stand. There were also new features added just this year including bounce houses and a petting zoo.
The virtual reality stand gave people an experience in which it seemed that they were on a roller coaster. Anatasina Lebotesis, 19, a Business major from Lower Southampton said, “I wasn’t expecting it to be that real. It was like I was on a real roller coaster.”
The event also had a Culinart Barbeque and Rita’s water ice stand to offer the crowd with refreshments. The food service Director Scott McGrath said, “Culinart is proud to be here a Bucks County Community College.”
Perhaps one of the Spring Fling’s most notable additions was the inclusion of its petting zoo. The zoo had a wide range of animals to view and in some cases, interact with including chicks, ducks, foxes, goats, an owl, a spider monkey, a turtle, a yak, and an alpaca.
The petting zoo had attracted a lot of interest as well as Brendon Lauff, 21, a communication studies major said, “I came last year and I knew they brought new animals, so I decided to come and check it out.”
Software test analysis Robert Bowers also commented on the petting zoo stating, “Its an interactive and comforting experience for any one who loves animals and it puts them in a happy mood.”
The goal of the event was to make sure everyone was happy and came together in a fun environment. Associate Provost Kelly Kelleway said, “I think this is a wonderful event and I’m glad the weather held. Its nice to see students, staff, and faculty in one place.”
The Spring fling has been held at Bucks for about 20 years now, 16 years under the Director of Student life and athletics Matt Cipriano. Cipriano commented about the event, “The staff has put in a lot of work for this event and they deserve a lot of credit.”