Where Are Students Planning to Transfer?

Bailee Zelis, Centurion Staff

Every Bucks student has their own plans, so I asked some students around campus why they came to Bucks, what they like about Bucks, and what they plan to do after Bucks.
A few students that I talked to plan to transfer next semester to a four year university. The most popular school students transfer to is, Temple University, with Penn State and La Salle also common among Bucks students.
Bucks and Temple University offer a dual enrollment plan where if a student graduates Bucks with an associate’s degree, they can get guaranteed enrollment at Temple to finish their Bachelor’s degree. This plan appeals to a lot of students at Bucks, which is the reason that Temple is the biggest transfer school.
Carleen McElderry, a human resources management major, talked about her transfer plans for next semester. She said, “At first I was looking into schools like Penn State, Delaware Valley, and Arcadia. My older sister recently transferred to Temple as well. She was telling me all about the Fox School of Business, and the more that I looked into their program, the more I realized it was the field that I wanted to go into.”
McElderry also mentioned how she has been at Bucks for the past four years trying to get some perspective on what she really wanted to study. She also talked about how she appreciated the fact that Bucks gives her the ability to take a semester off if she needs to.
Kristian Khrystenko, a business major at Bucks who is also transferring to Temple next semester said, “The reason I picked Bucks is because you get an associate’s degree, and it’s at least something to show for two years.” He also mentioned that Bucks is a good option for people who are trying to save money.
Another future Temple student Sarah Weinberg talked about how Bucks was a great place to fall back on when her first year at a four year college didn’t go as planned,
“I was away at college and then I came home, started classes here, and got a job. I said, I’ll do this for a year,” said Weinberg.
Weinberg also commented on how her Bucks experience helped her in the long run. She said, “Honestly, my perspective on so many things changed. It also helped me decide what I want to major in and what I want to do. I felt like I should’ve just gone to Bucks in the first place.”
Bucks acts as a stepping stone in many of the students’ lives, and not always in an educational way. Bucks student Nadzeya Andreichuk, a business administration major, came to America about a year ago from Belarus. She has a strong educational foundation back in her home country, but not here in America. She is taking classes at Bucks to improve her english and simply to educate herself more in order to get a job in the future.
Diversity is something that Bucks prides itself on. Here you will find people of all different backgrounds and ages, all here for a different reason. Whatever you are looking for in life, Bucks can help you get there.