It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Final Exams

Audrey Wilson

We are past the midway point in the semester and there is one thing on every student’s mind: final exams.
Final exams season is approaching and for most student this can be quite a stressful time. No one is alone when feeling completely overloaded with fear and uncertainty during this time period. Finals week is the most dreaded week of the semester by many students.
Every student has designed their own way on how to study, work around their schedule, and obtain the information needed.
Several students find it helpful to complete an activity while study, such as listening to music or eating.
“Music motivates me. It depends on my mood, I’ll either listen to EDM or some classical piano music,” said Jessica Greene, 19, nursing major.
“I really enjoy eating while studying. For some reason it just keeps me focused knowing that I have something near me to satisfy me. When I’m hungry, I can’t focus so as weird as it sounds, eating or sipping on coffee helps me focus,” added Owen Hoff, 20, chemistry major.
Students also admitted to changing their study routine depending on the subject matter of the test.
“It’s a little harder to study for math because all problems are different. I usually look for a couple of practice tests that I find online based on what I am learning and work on those until I feel comfortable doing each problem. To remember mathematical terms, I just create my own flash cards or use Quizlet,” said Alexa Smith, 19, mathematics major.
Smith highly recommend using Quizlet. Students can create their own flashcards sets on this site, or use other students sets to save time.
Many students struggle to find a balance work and studying time.
“It’s difficult; I have classes in the morning and right from class I go to work and don’t get home till 6. Most nights I’ll find myself being up until 3 AM studying, but I am okay with it because I’ve learned as important as sleep is, you got to do what you go to do and sacrifice a good night’s sleep if you want to have it all,” said Evan Vare, 20, communications major.
Finals do mark the end of a long semester. Instead of looking at it as a stressful time period, a better way to look at it is viewing it as an accomplishment of how far you’ve made it as a student. It’s a week to give it your all.