VSCO Girls Taking Over Social Media and Campus


Kelliann Lemongelli

The social media term VSCO girl is gaining popularity and it describes a whole culture of young girls.
The term refers to females who post trendy photos on the editing app, VSCO. A VSCO girl generally has a negative connotation and is used to insult young white woman.
Stereotypes of the VSCO girls include wearing scrunchies and Birkenstock sandals, and drinking from the reusable water canister, Hydro Flask. Social media users have ridiculed these so called VSCO girls for repeatedly saying the internet meme phrases,“sksksk” and “I oop.” These young females are also mocked for being indistinguishable from each other. The general consensus is these girls seek attention online.
“This is one of the most harmless trends,” said Ben Peterson, 17, a student at Bucks.
This is not the first-time young women have been the center of criticism for following trends in pop culture. In the early 2000 the term “basic white girl” was popularized. This phrase referred to a girl who wore ugg brand shoes and frequently drank Starbucks coffee.
“I don’t mind it, I kind of like it,” said Jake Suoovian, 19, journalism major at Bucks, in reference to VSCO girls.
VSCO girls do seem harmless compare to the other dangerous young teens could be involved in. For example, the recent studies that have shown the dangers of the juul trend that several teens partake in.
While, the VSCO app has only become widely known within the past year, it actually launched in 2011.
“This app has been around so much longer like 2015 when I used to just use it for editing pictures and posting on it her and there. So, this VSCO girl thing is annoying,” said Morgan Taylor, 21, communications major at Bucks
In January 2019 the connation of the word VSCO changed when Youtuber Greer Jones pasted a satirical video. Greer explained how to become “the ultimate VSCO girl” in the video. Since the uploading of the video the term VSCO girl have evolved.
The underlying implication of the phrase VSCO girl is that she is relatively wealthy. Many young female teens strive to become VSCO girls by posting pictures wearing designer clothing.
However, it seems VSCO is just the latest trend and could be forgotten by the summer