Bucks Socratic Society Looking For Bright Minds

Amala Rajesh

If you consider yourself a critical thinker of human existence, our experiences, and the world at large, you may want to present your thinking to members of the Socratic Society on Bucks’ Newtown campus.
Named after the Greek philosopher Socrates, the Socratic Society is the student philosophy club. It offers an open forum to discuss and dispute beliefs, and confront suspicious opinions.
“I am finally in a space where I am able to think critically and freely,” said club president Erin Bader. “I’m used to people judging me by my exterior, and not my mind. This club has given me a group of people who see me as I am, someone with thought, and a voice.”
The club can trace its origins back to January 26, 1941, when the first meeting was held at Oxford University in England. It brought together proponents and opponents of religious beliefs with an emphasis on the Christian faith.
Bucks’ extension of the club was founded by current faculty advisor professor Mark Cobb nearly 10 years ago.
Meetings typically begin with members watching a “Ted Talk” video. These videos are devoted to spreading ideas to inspire thinkers.
“We use the video as a jumping point,” said club member Jens Knutsen. “We start talking about the video, and that will turn into a discussion of something else.”
Currently, the club has four members. “A problem we face is getting people interested in philosophy,” Bader said. “I get it. Philosophy can be overwhelming.”
“Even if you’re not fluent in Nietzsche or Plato, come to our club and see it’s more than that,” Knutsen said.
Club vice president Joe Lorenz agreed. “The club is a free space to be open, and talk about anything on your mind,” he said. “It’s also a great way to meet people to have conversations with.”
“We are all equals in this club,” Bader said. “Though we have titles of president, and vice president, we see each member as philosopher kings and queens.”
Meetings are held Thursdays at 3:30 in Grupp Hall room 255. All are welcome.