First Semester Thoughts


Connor Bailey

As winter break draws near first year students are reflecting on their experience at Bucks thus far.
Being a freshman in college can be rather intimidating for many. More responsibility and a higher degree of difficulty in assignments creates a completely different atmosphere than high school.
Some students enjoy the new-found freedom college come with. Such as the options to choose their own classes and professors. Engineering major, Jon Lotrene, made it clear that he enjoyed his first semester at Bucks.
“I’m really enjoying Bucks right now. I’m doing very well academically and genuinely enjoying my experience here. The best change is being at school for a shorter time. Without the busy work that high school assigns, I have plenty of time to get my assignments done” he said.
Most students agreed that the validity of assignments was the best thing about being in college.
Monica Lotrene, a physical therapy major, said, “Some of the work assigned to us in high school was meaningless. It interfered with the assignments that were important to me and my education. But now at Bucks I’m strictly being assigned meaningful assignments. It’s refreshing.”
Some students had a difficult time with the change from high school to college.
Bucks Andrew Chim said, “Senior year was a little too easy. ‘Senioritis’ was definitely a real thing. College and high school are two completely different animals. But after a few weeks, I became acclimated with college, and what was expected of me by my professors.”
Guided studies major Owen Proctor had a similar response yet, different experience.

“High school assignments were relatively easy, so there was never really much thought put into them. But going into college, knowing there was going to be a jump in difficulty, I strapped on tight. In college you can’t take any assignment lightly…that’s how you fail. I put my all into every assignment that I have had, and I’ve seen the results,” said Proctor.The general consensus stands that although college is more difficult than high school, it is completely manageable as long as the students adjust. Although, everyone thinks we’re all in need for this upcoming winter break.