FTO Brings Both Students and Community Together


Matt Lenker

Educating children is no easy task, which is the Bucks club the Future Teachers Organization (FTO) was created.
Teachers play a crucial role in our society. The FTO helps prepare those who are interested in a career in education.
Lisa Werstler, club president and Alison Angelaccio, club advisor believe education majors should consider joining the club.
“Their classes don’t teach enough about transferring” Werstler says, “The club helps with that.”
FTO helps guide education
majors as they continue their
degree. Education majors have a lot ahead of them, and having a group to help them take the right steps is a huge benefit.
The FTO also helps education majors to connect to their respective professors by providing a more one-on-one environment. This more individualized setting helps members to learn even more then they would in their regular classes. The club also provides sense of community since education majors get to meet one another.
Besides members receiving in-depth information about their major, the FTO brings them out to attend a multitude of different charitable events in the community. These events help raise money for children with different disabilities and provide a chance for members to gain experience in helping others.
“It’s exciting to see kids happy about the events” Werstler said.
In terms of coming up with ideas for events, the club provides an environment where ideas can be shared freely. This relaxed setting allows all members to let their voice be heard.
The events the FTO volunteers in many events with the Autism Cares Foundation. Recently the club participated in the Race for Resources. This event was a 5k/10k race that helped to raise money to fund future events for the Autism Cares Foundation.
FTO is still looking for dedicated members who want to not only connect with their professors and peers, but also to help support their community.
If you are interested in the FTO and want to learn more about it, contact Kate D’Auria at kate.d’[email protected], Alison Angelaccio at [email protected] or Lisa Werstler at [email protected]