We Can’t Stress This Enough: Relax


Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Audrey Wilson, Centurion Staff

Between work, school assignments, studying and extracurricular activities, it’s often hard for students to find the right techniques to help them relax and de-stress after a long day.

Reducing stress has many benefits. It helps with sleep and productivity, whether it’s at work or school. It can even help with psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Overwhelming stress can be crucial to physical health in destructive ways. According to “Harvard Health Publishing,” stress is linked to many health issues such as moodiness, appetite problems, and even heart disease.

It’s important to find a time of day to de-stress. 18-year-old chemistry major, Emily Lisle, thinks everyone should find some time to relax.

“I would recommend going to a yoga class. Yoga has helped me relax and control my breathing in ways I would have never figured out on my own. It’s very soothing and I wouldn’t be able to function without it” she said.

Yoga is in fact, one of the most talked about and approved ways of de-stressing.

Justin Price, a 23-year-old nursing major said, “Yoga all the way. Some people think it’s more of a girl thing, but I’m a guy and I can honestly say I am proud I do it because it really does have a positive effect on my health”.

Sometimes it’s about the destination of where to go when de-stressing. 25-year-old interior design major, Paige Hurley, doesn’t care as long as she’s traveling.

“It’s more so where I don’t go. A lot of times I find myself driving around, but have no specific route, and just listening to all sorts of music. It really helps me clear my head, especially if there is a nice sunset going on” she said.

It seems that other people like do their de-stressing outside of their home or school. 26-year-old mathematics major, Pat Davis, thinks going to a new place is a great way to relax.

He said, “I live right near my local library, so that’s where I go to relieve some of my stress. Reading plays a big role in doing so. Reading helps me get lost in my thoughts. It makes me forget all the little things that are bugging me out for a little while, and that to me is everything”.

Reading shouldn’t always be associated with “more work.” Reading is a great way to, as Davis said, “get lost in your thoughts.” Some students find it easier to read about a subject they like, such as sports, cooking, astrology, and so on.

De-stressing is simple, yet not many people value the importance of it. As crazy as an individual’s world may be, the key is to stay positive and leave a little room for de-stressing.