Counseling Services Available To All Students

Dakoda Carlson, Centurion Staff

Midterms are on the horizon and students at Bucks are finding themselves feeling more pressure and stress than their typical day-to-day stress. In order to help with these anxieties filled times, Bucks offers counseling services for students at all campuses.
Staff counselor Mandy Reilly explained that the college is aware of student related stress and has implemented programs to assist students cope.
The college can maintain a healthy environment by offering ongoing professional development opportunities for faculty and staff that includes guidance on mental health and related concerns, cultural sensitivity, and interpersonal communications.
“The college offers a Wellness Center with various stress reduction programs including, yoga and meditation classes as well as use of the wellness center. Exercise is directly linked with stress reduction as well,’ Reilly said.
College is notorious for imposing stress on students with academic challenges.
“Bucks can and does help to maintain a mentally healthy environment by offering support through the Academic Success Center, counseling services, the wellness center, assigned academic advisors, student clubs, organizations, and by having a well-informed security and safety department,” said Reilly.
A new program has been implemented at the college according to Reilly. The program is designed to support students in managing stress and anxiety. The program is active from 12:15 p.m. to 1:15 p.m., in the Student Services Center at the Newtown campus. Counselor Vicki Mansure, the group’s leader, prefers to be contacted through email if students are interested, but drop-ins are also okay.
“By helping faculty and staff to develop and grow as well as manage their own stress, we foster an environment that can help students do the same,” Reilly said. She offers some tips to manage the additional stress:
1)Purchase a weekly planner and use it. The best way to manage time, the stress of academics is to stay organized from the beginning. Communicate with your professors. Have the courage to ask questions if you are unclear, especially if you are unclear of what is being expected of you, such as the actual directions.
2)It is not helpful to cram, but rather study regularly throughout the semester in a quiet place. For topics that do not come easily, use an old-fashioned pen and paper to write things down, in fact, write them down repetitively. Repetition will carve out a lasting neuropath way in your brain to help you commit information to memory.
3)Get some exercise, fresh air and sunshine when you are able. Eat healthy food including fresh fruits and vegetables when they are available to you.
Students seeking assistance are welcome to contact counselors at [email protected], or by calling 215-968-8000, or by stopping by The Academic Success Center, Counseling services, and the Wellness Center. In the case of an emergency, the college is working closely with a mobile crisis service through the Lenape Valley Foundation
“We do our best with the resources we have. Since this is such a people-rich environment, there is and always will be room for improvement. The college takes responsibility for fostering and maintain a safe and supportive environment that is conducive to student services,” Reilly said.