Bucks to Launch New Dance Major in the Fall


Angela Leamon and

Adding to its long and diverse list of offered programs, Bucks will debut its dance major program in the Fall 2021 semester.

The new dance studies professor, Tia DiPietro, was more than happy to sit down and talk about what the new program has to offer, as well as her educational and professional backstory.

DiPietro has been involved with dance since the age of three and has done both competitive and recreational dancing. She went on to get her bachelor’s degree for dance at DeSales University.

DiPietro did dance auditions and performances, and performed in one of “Weird Al” Yankovic’s concerts. After that, she went on to get a master’s degree in fine arts at Temple University.

She reached out to Bucks’ Dean of Kinesiology asking if they needed a professor for dance courses. From there, the school to be able to make the dance major program.

The dance major itself prepares undergraduate students to transfer to a four-year institution to continue their dance education.

Possible professions outside of dance that can be pursued with a dance major include performance, teaching practices, journalism, children’s outreach programs in the arts, movement therapy, fitness instruction and art administration (studio ownership).

“I would love to have summer and winter classes for students who are unsure of what the program is or what the classes would be like,” said DiPietro.

Students can take dance courses without being a dance major, which will give students the opportunity to try different courses.

For students that are dance majors, they will be enrolled in technique courses of various levels of modern and classical ballet. Within these courses, students will be exposed to the theory behind each technical movement.

Aside from the technique side of dance, students will take a variety of theory courses such as dance history, dance composition and the development of choreography, and a freshman seminar which will outline a clear career path in the field of dance.

“Dance is one of the biggest parts of my life… it’s so special because it’s a way of release, it’s a way of relaxation, and it’s a way to be creative. Most importantly, it’s my own expression and a way to be creative and I enjoy giving that to other people,” said DiPietro.

Come try the classes and don’t be intimidated, the classes are designed for both beginners and students who have danced before.

Tia can be reached at [email protected] for further questions or explanation on the coursework or the course itself.