Honors at Bucks Holding Women’s Shelter Drive


Gabriella Pirmann

From Feb. 1 to Feb. 26, the [email protected] Club will be running a drive alongside the Bucks Student Government Association to collect supplies for Women’s Shelters.

The shelters being donated to are Third Street Alliance and A Woman’s Place. Both offer shelter and resources to women and children in need, particularly those fleeing domestic violence.

“A Woman’s Place is very near and dear to some of our faculty, and the shelter has done tremendous things to give back to women and children in need. Therefore, we decided we wanted to include them in our fundraiser to further support their efforts in bettering the community. Third Street Alliance also works wonders in helping the women and children,” said Samantha Gillespie, coordinator of the event.

The drive is looking for items such as: paper towels, wipes, masks, blankets, disinfectant spray, hand sanitizer, mops, bath products, cleaning gloves, and other cleaning and hygiene essentials. The full list can be found on the SignUp Genius page for the drive.

Items such as clothing, mattresses/box springs, or used toys will not be collected. Donations are accepted at all three campuses

A donation drive is surely tricky to navigate during a pandemic, but it has been designed to follow all COVID guidelines.

“In regard to dropping off the material, we have one to two members of our club present at each location and time slot. These members will be wearing masks and gloves, as well as following all COVID safety guidelines. When the donor arrives, a club member will simply pop their trunk and have the donor place the items inside the vehicle. The goal was to make this process as contactless and safe as possible,” said Gillespie.

This isn’t the first drive that has been held at Bucks this year, according to Gillespie. “This past fall we ran a food drive. The Alumni Association and [email protected] worked collaboratively to donate food to 20 food insecure students, as well as 500 dollars in gift cards.”

To donate, simply visit the SignUp Genius page and pick a time slot at whichever location is most convenient.

If a student wants to help but isn’t able to donate, there are other ways to help.

“The club appreciates the sharing of the flyer across social media platforms. The more advertising, the more successful the drive. We greatly appreciate any form of advertisement whether it be through the sharing of a flyer or done in another manner,” said Gillespie.

The donation drive ends at the end of February, and likely will not be the only drive before the end of the semester. Unable to donate? Just keep your eyes peeled for the next opportunity to support your community through Bucks.