What Do Students Want To Do Once They Are Vaccinated?

Angela Leamon

With the COVID-19 vaccinations being rolled out non-stop we, at the Centurion Student Newspaper, sat down with some students, non-students, and parents to ask them a few questions about what happens after they are vaccinated.

The first question is about what they are going to do first or a lot more after being vaccinated and Amber Gieger, an early childhood education major at Bucks age 20, said she is going to “hug loved ones that I haven’t been able to see.”

Riley Murray, 20, and Angelina Fenessy, 19, said that they were going to not wear a mask.

The first thing that Dawn Maxon, 58, is going to do is go on an adventure with the rest of her family. Chloe Jefferson, 27, said [I’m going to the “beach for a date with my husband.” She had a baby during the pandemic and would love to be able to just get out of the house.

People also answered the question of what they missed most during the pandemic.

Almost all of the answers we got were about going out with friends or family in public areas such as restaurants, church, and sports games. Some others were more concerned with seeing full faces.

“This is kind of weird but just seeing people’s faces. It is weird only being able to see the top half of everyone’s face,” said Shelly Hoffman, 20.

Journalism Professor Tony Rogers said that one of the things he missed most was having in-person classes.

Savannah Munholland, 21, said “I missed the on campus experience. It’s my last year of undergrad and the pandemic took away a lot of typical senior year experiences.”

Some other people missed a lot more than just going to school and seeing people. “I miss going out to concerts but also social gatherings like family parties, getting together for holidays, etc.” said Ashley Weckerly, 20. Maya Long, a film major at Bucks, 20, said she missed “going out and taking walks around new towns, traveling, going to concerts, eating inside restaurants, seeing family, and hugging family members.”

Since this is all about after students, former students, and parents get the vaccine, we asked them what vaccine they got and how it made them feel.

Lucas Darling, a film major at Bucks, 19, said getting his first shot of the Pfizer vaccine made him happy and it was a step back to normalcy. A couple other people who have gotten their first dose of Pfizer, or both doses, stated that most of the stress that the pandemic has caused was washed away.

Most of the people who were interviewed have not gotten it yet and a couple were skeptical of how it would affect them.

Everyone who said they were going to get it soon, mentioned them wanting the Pfizer or Maderna vaccine over the Johnson and Johnson one because of the recent news. However, Amber Geiger, who was quoted in an earlier paragraph, said she received the J and J shot and only felt a little achy/tired the next day. There was not anything serious or out of the blue. She was very happy to get the vaccine because she works in a preschool/daycare with little kids all day.

Seems like most people can’t wait to hang out with their family and friends in public places without masks on and are very happy that they have started the process or have finished getting the vaccine.