Students Reveal Their Best Schoolwork Excuses

David Scott

Missed assignments seem to be piling up faster than ever for students across the nation. In a survey of 2,500 students conducted by University Business, 75 percent reported an increase in anxiety when it comes to getting assignments done.

This anxiety for many stems from the sudden and jarring change from in person to online learning format. Asking for extensions or to be excused from projects is something that has become part of the new normal.

With the increase in missed work, there has been an uptick in good, and some not-so-good excuses that have been used seeking extensions, or just to not have to do more work.

One student from Neshaminy High School has blamed this on something he calls “super senioritis.” It makes sense that seniors, whether it be high school or college, are being hit especially hard in the year of online learning.

“I wasn’t doing enough of my work for English, so I emailed my teacher and said my aunt got Corona,” he said. “She said I didn’t have to do work for the rest of the marking period, I don’t think I’ve been to a Zoom for that class since.”

Most students’ excuses were very similar in anxiety and stress woven into emails to instructors. But the increased use of technology means that more things can be blamed on the technical difficulties many faced this year.

One Bucks student had trouble early on with getting his laptop to work.

“My laptop was broken for a week. When I eventually turned in my assignments, they were really bad and I don’t know if my professor believed me at all,” he said.

Another Bucks student had a somewhat similar experience.

“I had an 8 am [class] first semester this year, and I really didn’t feel like turning my camera on at all. So, I just said it was broken.”

“Broken” laptop cameras, like heightened anxiety, seemed to be something most students have leaned on not only as an excuse, but as a tool to help deal with the stresses of this unprecedented time.

No one knows what’s happening in the world, so maybe these excuses shouldn’t be looked down on, but looked into, so cut us some slack. Yes, we don’t want to turn our cameras on, it’s 8 am and I have three papers due tonight. But they will get done… well, maybe not. My aunt just got corona.