Clubs Are Back at Bucks!

Clubs Are Back at Bucks!

Shayna Weachter , Reporter

Though the pandemic continues, student clubs and organizations will be operating at Bucks this Fall, with some safety measures in place.

Student organizations will have access to campus.  But student groups will also use a web meeting tool like Zoom to increase student access and engagement.

“All student organizations will be required to use zoom for meetings so that will help keep students connected without relying on students gathering in a room,” said Matt Cipriano, director of student life.

“We hope that they will be back to playing a more active role on campus,” said Cipriano.  “We have been in stay-at-home mode for a year plus so people want to interact. We all want to be connected in some way.  Groups are a great way to meet others.”

Faculty and advisors are already planning out how they want clubs to work. All clubs will have members use masking, social distancing, and other protocols.  However, this doesn’t mean that there will be a limit on how many people can join.

Last year, club advisors tried their best with what they had to make clubs run as smoothly as possible. Cipriano said club meetings last year were held on zoom.

“We realized how valuable zoom meetings are for student organizations. Groups provided virtual activities for members and the student body,” he said.

Even though club activities took place online, a good number of people still participated. Even if one person and an advisor were in the club, it would remain running.  This ensured that the club would be present for when the students returned to in person.

“We were trying to eliminate any boundaries for a student who may be interested in joining a group,” Cipriano said.

Bucks cares deeply about student involvement and making their stay here not only successful in academics but also in socialization and allowing students to meet like-minded students.  College is also about making friendships and participating in clubs encourage that.

Some of the most popular clubs from last school year include Disability Pride, Black Student union, Kinesiology and Sports studies, Lower Bucks Programming Council, Centurion Newspaper, National Society of Leadership and Success.

The importance of clubs is emphasized no matter how students participate.  Sign up for Bucks+ now to become learn more and become active. For more information, contact [email protected]