Why Students Should Major in Journalism


Courtesy Of Bucks News

Jocelyn Kosiba

Journalism is an exciting and necessary field, and nobody knows that better than Tony Rogers, the head of the journalism department here at Bucks. Professor Rogers has had plenty of experience in journalism, including for papers such as The Philadelphia Daily News and The Associated Press.
“Journalism is one of the most exciting jobs out there,” says Professor Rogers, “Career opportunities include working as a reporter, or editor for news websites or newspapers, or in broadcast journalism in TV or radio.”
According to Professor Rogers, one can also get a job that is not directly coordinated with the major.
Professor Rogers says, “Journalism is a great degree to get if you want to become a journalist, but there are lots of other jobs out there that you can get with a journalism degree, including jobs in public relations, advertising, website content creation, script writing and many other things.”
When asked if the job can allow one to travel a lot, Professor Rogers replied, “Yes, especially if you become a foreign correspondent and stationed overseas.
“It is a way of life,” Professor Rogers continued, “Journalism is the opposite of the typical 9-to-5 job. You never know when the next big story is going to break. If you’re someone who craves excitement and a career that’s different from most office jobs, journalism just might be for you.”
Many journalism students tend to share a love of reading and writing, as well as a passion in English as a subject overall.
“Yes, we get lots of students who do well in English classes who are good writers,” said Professor Rogers when asked about this trend.
There are so many things and reasons why someone should major in journalism, it is up to you if you want to take the chance and to go on this amazing journey.