The Impact of Social Media on Students


Photo Courtesy of Unsplash

Jocelyn Kosiba, Centurion Staff

There are a lot of ways social media can affect us, more of them harmful than good. Some students feel that it has affected them in crucial ways.
James Bonnell, a journalism major, describes the way it has affected him as “harmful.”
Many people find themselves spending a significant amount of time on social media.
Bonnell says, “I’m on social media for about… 28 hours per week.”
According to, the average American spends about 2 hours and 3 minutes each day. Alyssa Allebach, a 20-year-old communications major, says this is about accurate for her.
Bonnell feels that the impact of social media “depends on the content. More of it is negative than positive..”
Allebach agrees, saying that “People display unrealistic expectations on what people should look like and it affects self-esteem and body image.”
According to James, “It could affect your day, because if you read something mean and inappropriate it can ruin it. It can be harmful information.”
These students feel that social media has changed their overall outlook.
“It made me see that no one is positive that they are bringing themselves to be,” says Bonnell, “People are angrier than they look.”
Many people only present their best selves on social media, creating an image of their life that may not be entirely accurate.
Allebach comments, “It can prevent people from showing their true selves.”
Many feel that people turn to social media as an easy way to fill time.
“I could be reading, walking outside. Living life, and everything else,” says Bonnell.
Allebach agrees, saying “I would be throwing axes and targets in my free time If I wasn’t on social media.”
Is there any way that social media can improve?
“I don’t think there’s anything you can do. If you censor it you go against the first amendment but you can’t. I don’t think we can change it, because it would be changed to something different,” says Bonnell.
Alyssa thinks of it differently, arguing that “Media platforms have the responsibility to monitor communications and take action against people that break their guidelines.”
Regardless of who the responsibility falls on, it’s clear that students feel the impact of social media on their lives.