Bucks Students Celebrate “Halloweekend”


Photo credit to @Bucksccc instagram

Alyssa Allebach, Centurion Staff

After a dull Halloween in 2020 due to lockdown from COVID, Bucks students were excited this past weekend to bring the holiday back in full swing.
Last year, people had to spend the holiday inside, instead of out with friends or family. This year, however, the pandemic has decreased in severity.
Thanks to social distancing and vaccinations, Halloween attractions were able to be open this year and drew many visitors.
Students shared last week what their plans for the Halloween Weekend were.
“I am going to a friend’s Halloween party on Sunday. They are having a themed party of Disney characters,” said Joe Samperi, a 20-year-old Engineering major from Pipersville. “I plan to dress up as Jack Skellington and I think my friend will be Sally.”
Max Mower is a 20-year-old communications major from Levittown. She had to work the whole weekend, but she still got into the Halloween spirit by putting “some eyeliner that looked like spiderwebs.”
Erin Jacker, a 23-year-old Warminster native, said “for Halloween this year I have a work party to go to. Costumes are mandatory and there is going to be free food and drinks.”
She continues, “I am excited to see my coworkers’ costumes and get to hang out with them outside of work. There is also going to be a DJ, so I know I will be dancing with my friends all night.”
Erika Sippel, a 20-year-old communications major, is choosing to spend Halloween with her family.
She explains “On Saturday, I have plans to go out to a party with friends and I’ll be dressing up as a cowgirl. Though on the day of Halloween I am going to stay home.”
Sippel continues, “My family and I are going to pick pumpkins and carve them, while doing activities like watching the new ‘Halloween Kills’ movie. We will also be dressing up and handing out candy to trick or treaters.”
Faith Iris, a 19-year-old from Doylestown, had other plans for Halloween.
She went to the Six Flags Fright Fest event that lasted through the month of October.
She said, “I plan to go with a few friends to the fright fest. I went two years ago and had so much fun on the rides and mazes.”
Iris continued, “I like seeing people dressed up in costume and people trying to scare me. The Park is so much fun to walk around because of the fog, lights, and other decorations they have to set the mood.”
Overall, students seemed very excited to be able to celebrate Halloween this year with friends and family, instead of being stuck in the house on lockdown like last year.