Student Preference: eLearning or In Person?


Courtesy of Unsplash

Jocelyn Kosiba, Centurion Staff

A common topic for debate amongst students is whether e-learning classes, zoom classes, or in-person classes are preferable. Depending on the individual and their needs, opinions vary.
James Bonnell, a Journalism student from Bensalem, shared his view.
Taking e-learning classes can be helpful if you don’t have time to drive to campus or don’t like the face-to-face interaction on zoom. James says, “I would prefer zoom because it’s personal and it’s actually happening.”
Some students still prefer the appeal of in-person learning. Patrick Nalty, a 21-year-old guided studies major, agrees with this saying, “It’s more convenient, but is more limited because there is less social connection.”
One benefit of zoom is the aspect of social connection, over video and voice audio. Students can also go into break out rooms, to talk to each other.
While Zoom can be better in many ways, but it still does limit social connection vs in person.
James says, “In group work, one person has to talk at a time.”
This does limit open discussion in the classroom, whereas with in-person classes multiple people can be talking at a time.
There are some ups and downs with zoom, but Patrick feels they’re improving.
He says, “It has been getting better with technical difficulties. Professors are getting more familiar with the technical difficulties.”
Kids are certainly getting exhausted with Zoom. By being forced to sit in front of their computers for classes, many people have unwillingly increased their screen time.
James defends it regardless, arguing that “It’s more convenient as long as you have internet.”
One benefit that Patrick enjoys is that “It fits in your schedule.”
It’s true- with zoom, there’s no need to plan time for a commute. Joining class is as easy as opening canvas.
There’s a wide mix of students who like e-learning, zoom or in-person. There are different ways to teach- some ways working better than others.