Digital Marketing Certificates Offered at Bucks


Judith Russo, Centurion Staff

Social media and digital marketing are skills that are in such demand that “people with degrees are coming back to earn the Social Media and Digital Marketing Certificate from Bucks,” says Kelly Sell. Sell teaches MKTG230 Social Media Marketing, one of the six required courses for the certificate.

“Students in my class develop a social media marketing plan for their ‘client.’ They choose from one of the small businesses highlighted in the Small Business Revolution Hulu Series created by Deluxe Marketing,” Sell says.  “Bristol Borough, PA. won the contest in the Season Two episodes.  It was a very exciting time because my husband and I lived in the borough back then!” Sell continues.

Along with Social Media Marketing the certificate includes Digital Imaging, Web and Interactive Design, Digital Marketing and Cooperative Education Marketing.  These classes teach students how to “plan, create, and implement effective social media and digital marketing campaigns for small businesses, corporations, government agencies, or non-profit organizations.” from the Bucks Catalog.

Digital marketing expertise can increase marketing salaries an average of $7000 because digital and media marketing can reach more targeted customers, more often and cheaper, with retention and feedback since responses can be tracked according to a Forbes August 2021 article.

Of course, this can have negative consequences. Computer algorithms track customer responses to send them more and more extreme versions, such as a recent instance on Instagram where a thin woman looks at thin women and keeps getting pictures of thinner and thinner women creating an unrealistic body image.  “This is a problem user need to be aware of,” says Sell.  Users need to be wary and should never assume pictures from the internet represent actual truth without checking additional sources. Any photo could be photoshopped.

For example, numerous celebrities including Lady Gaga, Kate Winslet, and Keira Knightly have protested against photoshopping of their photographs to make them thinner or shapelier, a Time article reports.  Despite the challenges, digital marketing is a fact of life in the current world. Samantha Walter, Director of Digital Marketing at Bucks has even created a Bucks presence on TikTok and is looking to expand it. To be competitive, any business will need a digital presence and Bucks is preparing its students to thrive in this environment.