Veterans Club is Seeking Members


Photo courtesy Unsplash

Evan Boyle

Did you know the Bucks County Community College has its very own Veterans Club?  Well  now you do.  The club was started in 2013 and is still running today.

The club’s goal is to unite like-minded people with like-minded goals.  They get together to help raise money for charities in the local community.  They help each other learn and grow.  The club helps give purpose to people who feel they need one.

The club is currently run by Lena Fowler who is a student here at Bucks and has quite a military track record.  Fowler has served our country by enlisting in the Navy in 1988 where she served until 1997.  Fowler then served in the Army Reserves from 1997 until 1998 and finally the National Guard from 1998 until 2000.

The club hasn’t had regularly scheduled meetings due to Covid, but Fowler is looking to get back to business.  There are currently two scheduled charity events planned.

First is the Lions Club eyeglass collection which recycles eyeglass frames and replaces the lens for people in need.  This charity has been around for a long time.  Fowler said “ it’s nice to see your charity at work” when she met a girl whose grandparents were helped by the Lions Club.

The second is a cell phone collection for Cell Phones to Soldiers.  There is a possible third event called Salute to Service, but a date has yet to be determined.

So, while doing your spring cleaning , if you have any cell phones working or not the veterans club will take them. The phones will be sent to Alpharetta ,Georgia, where they will be erased  and  refurbished.  The phones will then be sent to active and inactive military members. The same goes for old or outdated eyeglasses.  Keep your eyes out for collection boxes  around campus for these items during March and April.

There is a dedicated space for veterans to use for research, for relaxing or for connecting with other vets. It is called the Stars and Stripes lounge and it is open from 8:30 a.m. until 9 p.m. there is one on each of the three campuses.

The Newtown Campus -Rollins Student Center room 112-4.

Lower Bucks Campus- 2nd floor next to room 238.

Upper Bucks Campus-  1st floor of the original building.

Outside of the lounges will be the “veterans information rack”  where you can find information about programs on or off campus.

Due to Covid restrictions the club has been meeting remotely via Zoom.  But, with campuses reopening and students returning the club is hoping to gain more membership.  It is not for veterans only but anyone looking to support the men and women of the military.

There are three scholarships available for veterans through Bucks.  If you are a veteran or know any veterans interested in attending this school, please go to the school website and search veteran resources.

If you or someone you know is interested in this club feel free to email Fowler, at this email [email protected], or look on the Bucks website.