Epic Poker Club Wants to Deal You In


Photo from Unsplash

Evan Lechowicz

Poker was banned in our high schools as it was a form of gambling, but now students can enjoy the fun and joy of the game that brings a lot of skill.

Tim Youse is the executor of Epic Poker Club at Bucks County Community College. Currently a non-major, he started the club to bring attention to those on campus that love the game.

“I acquired a great interest in poker after a single home game with friends this past Summer. Since then, I’ve hosted weekly games for fun. I became eager to organize something at school and share my love for the game.” Youse said.

Youse also stated, “I get a lot out of leading the club’s direction, allocating tasks, curating our online presence, etc. I feel that it has unlocked a part of me as a man.”

He has not been a part of any kind of club like this before, but now that he is, he is really getting more involved within it.

One of the main concerns that Youse expresses about running the Poker Club is getting enough people to join in on the fun.

“We are currently trying to make people aware that we exist as possible or just getting members in general. We have a consistent six or seven people that come right now.” Youse said.

Even though poker is a controversial area, it is not all about who can make the best ‘poker face’ during the game, it’s all about having fun and creating experiences that students can bring home to their families and friends.

“Experience playing poker is not necessary. We teach the game to new players and are a friendly group of both amateurs and pros (mostly amateurs).

“Poker may seem overwhelming at first, so I make sure to break down the fundamentals like hand ranks, betting, and bluffing before playing a game.” Youse states.

Youse and other members of the club are willing to help the newer players on teaching the game. More specifically, the game of poker they like to focus on playing is Texas Hold ‘Em. According to Youse, they would be welcome to doing other poker games as well to increase the crowd.

He has big plans with what the club has going on when more and more people join in on the fun.

Last semester, the Epic Poker Club ran a tournament as a fundraiser, and it went well. But only 15 people showed up to it. Which Youse states, he would love to have more people come in as they are going to be doing another tournament this semester.

“They don’t have to necessarily come to the meetings. But when we announce the upcoming tournament, we would want people to be here.” Youse said.

The Epic Poker Club meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:30PM in the club organization room across from Starbucks.

It is welcome to all as there are no restrictions to those who want to participate in this club.