Trick-or-Treating Might Be Out The Door For College Students, But The Tradition Lives On In Other Ways.


Photo courtesy Unsplash

Skylar Woodford


Most students at Bucks County Community College will more than likely not be partaking in the trick-or-treat tradition for Halloween this year, however, that hasn’t stop one Bucks student, Lacey Beech, from partaking in the tradition.


Beech, an undergraduate student at Bucks, plans to get the most out of her holiday proving that anyone can still embrace Halloween traditions.


“I actually am going out for trick-or-treating this year with my best friend, we still love to go out and we have a little fun while we do,” Beech says. Beech and her friend plan on dressing as vampires for the occasion.


Other students were unsure of their plan for Halloween. Nate Farrell, an undergraduate student at Bucks County Community College, says he will not be trick-or-treating this year.


Farrell says, “I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to be doing for Halloween, probably just hang out with my band, but no I will not be trick-or-treating.” Farrell plans to dress like a greaser on Halloween with a leather jacket and slicked-back hair.


Skylar Welsh, an undergraduate student here at Bucks County Community College, doesn’t plan on doing much on Halloween. She says she would rather be hanging out at home while she wears a festive onesie.


Welsh says she prefers to be handing out candy for the little trick-or-treaters, rather than participating in the tradition. Welsh says, “I love Halloween, but I’m way more excited for Christmas.”


Rheema Shahid, an undergraduate at Bucks County Community college, plans to dress up and take part in the holiday in other ways.


“I’m planning on having a little get-together with a group of friends at one of their places.” She still plans to dress up and have fun Halloween makeup to celebrate that night as well.


Though many Bucks students may not include Halloween traditions in their plans, more students will be excited for the next holiday, Thanksgiving, because of Thanksgiving break.