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The Importance of Counseling

Photo courtesy Unsplash

In educational settings, the link between academic performance and mental health, is known to be important, difficult, and fragile.

Sometimes, something as simple as being in a good mood can make all the difference. And sometimes, talking to someone can be the very thing that puts you in that good mood.

Vicki Mansure has been a counselor at Bucks for 25 years. She prides herself on guiding students to their best lives.

“I help students learn coping mechanisms, relieve stress, teach problem-solving and promote positivity overall,” said Mansure.

There are numerous factors when it comes to keeping up with academic performance. Mental health can certainly influence how we manage this aspect of our life. Many people believe this concept is not discussed adequately.

Mansure said, “When someone has a difficult event occurring in life, it’s hard to perform academically & keep motivated.”

She said she helps students get through these difficult times. People experience a lot in their personal life & these events can harm us more than we think, especially in how we socialize, think about, and perform daily activities.

Having a rough time outside of school and poor mental health can lead to us being distracted, depressed, unmotivated, and anti-social.

We may not be able to perform our normal daily tasks & be our true selves when we have other things going on inside our minds, so it is important we talk about them and promote awareness about it.

Issues could have also risen among students due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

“People staying home could have awakened more problems,” offered Mansure.

Everything got virtual and people became more closed off from isolating themselves. We all are still trying to adjust to these changes.

Mansure hosts a therapy group every Tuesday called “Talk about it Tuesdays.” These meetings feature information tables in which she discusses specific issues that students could be facing.

The hope is these meetings will aid students in solving issues and healing themselves. This way students can engage with their studies and their life while being happy and healthy.

Mansure said, “The group recently spoke about perfectionism, stress & positivity.” She expressed how students can doubt and look down on themselves for not being able to achieve the perfect stereotypical person and student.

This can be damaging because no one is perfect, and it’s difficult to give yourself credit when you’re picking at every little flaw and comparing yourself to other people’s successes and achievements.

If you are struggling with something outside of school or simply just your mental health,

Mansure can help and guide you on the right path.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to her & seek guidance. Come join Mansure on therapy Tuesdays.