A Chaotic Tradition: Pastor Aden Revisits Bucks


Photo of Pastor Aden appearance by Skylar Woodford

Skylar Woodford

“Pastor” Aden Rusfeldt and his followers of “Key of David” took Bucks’ Safety and Security officers by surprise, returning to the Newtown campus to harass and vilify students he claimed were “fags” and “prostitutes.”

(See gallery of Aden’s visit here.)

On Tuesday, Nov. 29, the “Key of David” group set up their demonstration between the Gateway Center and Grupp Hall buildings where they held up signs that read “Warning Obey Jesus or Hellfire’ and ‘Feminists are Witches.”

Rusfeldt also made a series of comments to the crowd of students, such as, “That’s always what the fags say,” and, “A lot of you guys have gonorrhea and syphilis” while holding a ‘Jesus or Hellfire’ sign.

Bucks’ Safety and Security department, which typically is notified prior to these visits, was left in the dark by Rusfeldt – requiring the head of the department, Dennis McCauley, to release an emergency statement about his arrival and noting that “local police have been advised.”

Rusfeldt has a troubled history on campuses, having spent almost 6 years straight visiting mostly colleges as well as public events to hurl slurs and obscenities at passersby.

Rusfeldt, his intentions clear, asked students to raise their hands if they were gay. One student, Jess Kepner, had and was baffled by his response.

Kepner, a 19-year-old Criminal Justice Major at Bucks, recounted her experience, saying “I’m bisexual and I am pretty open about it now, so I raised my hand.”

“He didn’t say anything about it at first, but then proceeded to say, ‘I can tell because you’re wearing a pink hat.’”

Shelby Wolf, a 21-year-old Radiology Major at Bucks, also had an unpleasant interaction with Rusfeldt.

“[Aden Rusfeldt] called me a prostitute, and told me that if a man bought me Taco Bell, then that also made me a prostitute.”

“He also said that if I was 15 years old when my father died, then it would be my fault because I’m a ‘ho’.”

Many students were shocked to see young children holding signs that had messages such as “Women Belong in the Kitchen,” and “No Holiness, No Heaven” plastered onto them.

Sydney Schultz, an 18-year-old Nursing Major at Bucks stated, “They have their kids, showing off these posters, and they probably don’t even know what it means. They literally look like they are five.”

Rusfeldt has made his appearance known these past few years on different college campuses and has built himself quite the reputation, especially in recent years’ incredibly heated political climate.

Rusfeldt’s rise to infamy within the Philadelphia area can be traced back six years ago, during the time of the 2016 presidential election.

He has set up demonstrations at a number of places, including the grounds of the Community College of Philadelphia, outside of the Lincoln Financial Field during the Eagles’ NFC Championship Victory in 2018, and so on.

In June of 2021, Rusfeldt was arrested in New York by the NYPD for disorderly conduct during his protest of the 2021 Pride March in the city.

With a contentious past filled with fraud accusations and “professional” snowboarding, “Pastor” Aden will likely continue to be an unpredictable plague upon cities and campuses for years to come.