Bucks Honors Club Recruiting Members


Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Megan Pizarro, Centurion staff

If you’re looking for a club to join at Bucks County Community College try looking into the Honors Club! 

While Bucks does have an Honors Program, that any student can apply to, the club is open to all. A student does not have to be in the Bucks honors program to join the honors club where students can gain access to many opportunities.  

Honors at Bucks is a student-led organization that focuses on bringing students of similar academic levels and interests together. “It is a great way to meet new people who are also in the honors program, but may not be in any of your classes!” said the current President of Honors at Bucks Lydia Devlin. 

The club offers many opportunities such as volunteer projects and student orientated events. Not to mention they have a lot of benefits if you happen to be interested in furthering your education after Bucks.  

As for current events, the Honors program has started working on a long-term community service project at the Churchville Nature Center. Devlin explains how they ”are working together with the volunteer program at the Nature Center to design, build, and keep up with a brand new botanical garden that will be open to the public.” 

The Honors Club is not a time-consuming organization either with its monthly zoom meetings and prospected events that students can attend according to their schedules. Occasionally they will team up with the Phi Theta Kappa club and others for events. 

While you do not have to be in the honors program to be a part of the club students are always welcome to apply for the program which offers benefits when students start their transferring process.  

Students that are interested in applying should read over the requirements on the Bucks website underneath “Honors at Bucks” where the application is also available.  

Students in the honors program who are earning their honors associate degree can make easy honors-to-honors transfers to several universities including Rider University, Delaware Valley University, Cedar Crest College, and Gwynedd Mercy University. There are many options when looking to switch honors programs from Bucks but those specific colleges are not needed if they do not interest you. 

Stephen doCarmo, the Honors program coordinator and club advisor informed how “even honor students who are not interested in one of those schools will still be getting coursework onto their Bucks transcripts – and this makes them more desirable to admissions offices at all four-year colleges and universities when they’re ready to transfer.” 

While the Honors club has about 20 active members at the moment they are always looking for new recruits and have a prediction of club enrollment rising for the Spring.  

If you are interested in joining the Honors club at Bucks it’s a piece of cake! 

Students can send an email to the club president [email protected] stating their interest in joining the honors club. Students can also email the club advisor [email protected] for joining the club and more information. 

Those interested in speaking in person, that is no problem! Students can visit Stephen doCarmo on campus, at Grupp 131, Monday and Wednesday afternoons all Spring semester of 2023.