Bucks’ Anime Club Is Back In Full Swing


Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Dominique News, Centurion staff

Bucks’ Anime Club has revamped itself after a few years of inactivity, giving Anime fans a comfortable space to indulge in their favorite pastime.

With the recent and fervent popularity of anime in modern culture, and the ever-growing media giants series like My Hero Academia, One Piece, and Dragon Ball Z have become, Bucks students thought it was time to revisit the idea of a club for Anime fans.

Club President Aaron Raghu told The Centurion “I would not say I founded it. I would say I revived it,” after starting the club back up last semester. The anime club is an outlet for avid anime watchers and lovers. Club members enjoy learning about and embracing Japanese culture and language.

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm-6pm in Rollins 116, you can find the club watching anime and discussing their recent favorites, as well as new show and movie premieres with others who share the same enthusiasm and interest in anime.

Raghu says that “people who enjoy anime have no one to talk about it with,” and that the club “gives all of those people the opportunity to express themselves freely without anyone judging them.”

The club gives members a sense of community and belonging in a society where these activities and interests may not be as popular or mainstream as others.

While there are no requirements to join the club, it is advised that you walk in there with a positive attitude and an interest in anime. There are often misconceptions of the club, however, Raghu easily shuts them down. He hopes to clarify that the club is not about adults watching children’s cartoons.

Most modern anime is aimed towards adults and, in some cases, teen or young adult audiences. It can be violent, visceral, and contain explicit content and strong language. Contrary to popular belief, anime is not like your average children’s cartoon.

To learn more information about the club and meeting times, there are flyers spread all throughout campus as well as a Discord server that can be used to see updates and future events. The discord server can also be used to communicate with club members. If you are interested in joining the club, contact Club President Aaron Raghu at [email protected].