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Psychology Club: Healing Our Community

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

With the recent pandemic, the Doomsday clock ticking down, and the ever looming threat of a confrontation with Russia, we are all facing some serious stress.

Even though we may not be able to control our world falling into shambles. there is one thing we can control – our mentality. That’s just what the Psychology Club aims to do.

The club’s goal is to allow members to reinforce themselves with positive affirmations, while also having a chance to express themselves by having a group to lean on for support.

One way the club has been bringing positivity is through the recent events they have held. The club has recently joined up with the organization NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, taking part in a mental health walk with NAMI.

Proceeds were donated to the cause. Members gathered and walked for a purpose, while also getting exercise!

The club has also done bake sales that give money to our food pantry on campus. They have held two so far, which have been quite successful.

The vice president, Feyla Carter, a Bucks student and psychology major who resides in Morrisville, has taken up a very active role in the club’s activities.

Feyla has recently been appointed the vice president this semester. When discussing majors with the club members, they have said “people don’t know what to do with their psychology majors. There’s more options than just being a therapist.”

When discussing the club’s future plans, she notes that “We have a lot to look forward to this semester, with an awareness walk as well as hopefully a psych panel.”  No dates have been confirmed as of yet.

The beginning of this semester has seemed to be pretty slow for the club compared to before but the treasurer for the club, Connor Sturza, a graphic design major residing in Doylestown, PA wants to change this.

He aims to “promote mental health” and add “fundraisers” to the club’s plans.

Connor has also been a bit disappointed with the club’s engagement thus far, and thinks the club need to “up their game.”

A suggestion he mentioned was “art therapy”, a chance to relax and incorporate his own drawing abilities paired with the club. Sturza hopes to bring this idea and more to fruition in the club’s near future.

If you are interested in the club, reach out to Feyla Carter IG: @Feyla_03