Bucks 360 Aims To Help Students Succeed


Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Megan Pizarro, Centurion staff

Bucks County Community College has just recently started a program called Bucks 360֯ to help students needing a little extra assistance with school and their perspective courses in order to achieve success.

Bucks 360֯ is a comprehensive student support program that assists students in developing academic skills through personalized academic support, advising, tutoring, workshops and leadership.

“This program just provides more of a structure to connect with different areas of the college and learning skills to help you be as successful as possible” stated by Bernadette Karpa, writing specialist, academic success center/learning resource at Bucks.

Bucks 360֯ is a collaborative program designed to help each student according to their specific needs and schedules. They help where it is needed so it is strictly tailored to your needs and what types of schoolwork is needed to be worked on by you.

Karpa states “As a student, I still have the habit of making my plans to study a little too open-ended (I have a test on Friday; I should study for that), and when that happens, it is very unlikely that I will actually make time. “A commitment like this provides me with some more structure so that I can commit to doing my best work”.

They offer a team of support staff with regular communication that helps with things such as advising, counseling, ASC, financial aid and more.

Communication with staff is necessary to remain on track but they will work around your schedule to find what works best for you. Karpa explains “A connection could be as small as a quick text to check in.”

Bucks 360֯ also provides tutoring and peer mentoring for students struggling in specific courses.

In addition, Bucks 360֯ offers Academic Success, Financial Literacy and Computer Skills Workshops for those interested. As well as social activities to help with community building.

The summer bridge program is also offered via Bucks 360֯.  This helps incoming Bucks students acclimate to the new college environment, then easily leads them to be successful college students at Bucks.
The program runs for seven weeks at the Newtown Campus from July 5-August 11 which involves open lab time, academic success center workshop offerings, lunch and visitors, peer mentoring assistance and fall follow-up meetings and workshops.

For anyone interested signing up for Bucks 360֯ it is a breeze!

All you have to do is go on Bucks school homepage, search Bucks 360֯ and click on the button “Bucks 360֯ application”.

You’ll answer a couple of questions so they can get a bit of information to then email you about meeting to see what Bucks 360֯ can do to benefit you most.

Students can email [email protected] for further information.

This is a great and helpful opportunity for students at Bucks, so definitely check out the Bucks 360֯ program!