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Bucks’ Cosplay Club Holds Exciting Event

Photo Courtesy of Dominique News; President Matt Valeri and Isabella Harkiewicz pictured

Bucks’ Cosplay Club welcomed its members back after spring break with food and good times at an event held in the Gallagher room on the Newtown campus.

Members were encouraged to wear their best cosplay and join each other taking photos in front of a green screen, playing games, and socializing. The room was filled with music and friendly faces as everyone was catching up with one another.

The Cosplay Club is a community where students come together to interact, learn about cosplay and work on materials, props, or costumes. The club gives students the opportunity to share ideas with those who have similar interests while also just having fun.

The origins of cosplay can be traced back to the early 1900s pioneered by Myrtle Rebecca Smith Gray Nolan, more commonly known as Morojo, but the term itself was coined by Japanese writer Nobuyuki Takahashi in the 80s. “Costume Play” soon became increasingly renowned across the world and has developed into what we know it as now.

President of the club is early education major Matt Valeri, who says, “It’s nice to pretend to be someone else sometimes.”

The art of cosplay piqued his interest during the pandemic, and he has been passionate about it ever since. One of Valeri’s favorite characters to cosplay as is your friendly neighborhood superhero, Spiderman.

He told the Centurion that “one of the most rewarding parts of being Spiderman is the joy it brings to the younger kids,” at local events or parties. Valeri believes it is a great way to introduce more people to the idea of cosplay and to redefine common misunderstandings surrounding it.

Valeri founded the club last spring and has been running it since, with the help of his Vice President, Isabella Harkiewicz. Harkiewicz is an undecided major who only joined the club last semester.

However, Valeri is proud to say, “that she has proved herself in that short amount of time to be worthy of this role in the club.”

When asked what her favorite part of being in the club is, Harkiewicz said, “the diversity of interests in the club make it really fun and it’s something really special and creative to be a part of.”

Her favorite characters to cosplay with include icons like the Scarlet Witch from the MCU and Tracer from popular gaming franchise Overwatch.

Both Valeri and Harkiewicz agree that dressing up and cosplaying are great self-esteem boosters. “It is very fulfilling doing something that makes you feel good, and you enjoy doing, especially when you look good,” says the VP.

There are not any specific requirements to join the club, but it is recommended that you hold some sort of interest in the art of cosplay. According to Valeri, “One of the most important qualifications, however, is to just be yourself.”

The club meets every Monday from 3p.m.-5p.m. in the Clubs Organization room here at Bucks’ Meetings typically consist of a warmup followed by multiple different activities with the exception of workshop days where members have access to the 3D printer in the library to create tools and props.

If you are interested in seeing the Cosplay Club in action, they will be hosting an arts table at the Spring Fling in April where students can create their own props.

For more information on the club, or if you are interested in joining, contact Matt Valeri at [email protected].