Clubs Promote Student Success


Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Megan Pizarro, Centurion staff

Being an active student and participating in Bucks clubs can help lead to a successful college experience.

While not completely necessary to your success as a student, statistics have shown that students involved in any extracurricular activities had a higher success rate than uninvolved students.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, “Recent research suggests that participation in extracurricular activities may increase students’ sense of engagement or attachment to their school”.

The NCES continues, “Thereby decreasing the likelihood of school failure and dropping out.”

Chris Seifert, director of Student Engagement and Leadership Development in the Student Affairs Division at Bucks County Community College was also able to provide some insight into the importance and ease that comes from joining clubs at Bucks.

“Statistics show that student involvement improves academic performance, and student organizations are a great way to get involved!”

“It’s a perfect way to make friends, boost self-confidence, improve leadership skills and have fun,” stated Seifert.

As a student at Bucks, there are so many opportunities to join clubs based on your particular interests.

Seifert explains “There is a wide variety of student organizations to join. Some can be related to a major, like the Bucks Business Association or Psychology Club and others can be recreational like the Cosplay Club and the Gaming Club. We also have faith-based student organizations, service-focused ones and honor societies. There’s something for everyone!”

Remaining academically active can not only contribute to the success of students it can also help contribute to the success of the college.

Which can then be returned to all Bucks students! Seifert shares his insight by adding “It’s a great way to make friends and widen one’s network, gain valuable experiences and get more connected to the college.”

“Our students in organizations also plan and run activities and events to benefit the entire student body and staff, so it’s a perfect way to make a positive impact and leave your mark here at Bucks!”

To anyone interested in joining a Bucks club it is extremely accessible and easy! Students can go right into the Bucks+ app and click on the organizations they are interested in joining.

Students can also always check out when the meetings are and show up! Everyone is always welcome to join at any time.

They are very excited to celebrate and honor the student organizations aiding students’ success by having a Student Awards Dinner and Celebration taking place on May 8!

A huge thank you to Chris Seifert for helping provide students with more information on how clubs and student organizations can help lead to successful student life at Bucks!