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Planning Your Transfer Early


Bucks Transfer Center helps transferring students plan their futures and prepare them for their next steps into continuing education.

Bucks has a transfer center that can assist prospective transfer students with the large task of planning their futures. Planning early helps students make the right decisions during their time at Bucks.

Director of Prior Learning Assessment and Transfer Services Debora Bergen said, “Over 75% of students intend to transfer.” This means that is likely you, who is reading this right now, might be a student thinking about or having decided to transfer.

Bergen said, “The Transfer Center assists students with exploring transfer options. The center will help students match up the credits they need at the transfer school and help students connect with that school.”

This allows students to optimize their semesters at Bucks so that they can transition into another college as seamlessly as possible.

Bergen said, “Early planning will ensure that students are taking the correct classes and exploring all options, which helps students save time and money. Students are not limited to the schools that Bucks has agreements with.”

By optimizing their path students can save time and money, they can even optimize classes with colleges that Bucks doesn’t have transfer agreements with. These transfer agreements are very important because some schools offer awards to students who complete letters of intent before certain milestones in their college pathways.

Bergen said, “The transfer office will assist students with exploring agreements and matching up credits. If there are transfer concerns after transferring, the office will help with those questions.”

Concerns are always valid and any questions any student may have can be answered at the Transfer Center.

There are a few things students should take into account while planning to transfer. Bergen said, “When planning to transfer, students would want to make sure that the transfer school has the major of interest. Students should also consider tuition, but if certain agreements are taken advantage of, there could be significant scholarships. Students would want to feel comfortable at the transfer school.”

Students who prepare for transfer planning will have a successful, comfortable and optimized transfer process.

Planning early is very important because some transfer agreements are time-sensitive. Students need to be aware they have to apply to their transfer college the semester they are expected to graduate.

Bergen said, “Besides planning early, students would need to apply to their transfer school the semester they are graduating from Bucks, request their transcript (, and work on financial aid.”

Transcripts will have up-to-date information including the current semester that the student is taking when it gets sent to their transfer college. It is also important that students’ financial aid is ready for the next semester at their transfer college.

Bergen said, “The length of the transfer process is different for each school, and it may differ depending on the time of year. It could take a couple of weeks to a couple of months.”

This means a student should be incentivized to start their transfer process as soon as they can so that it allows them to enter without the stress of last-minute applying.