Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine Visits Campus

Shannon Harrar, Centurion Staff

Hillary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine encouraged Bucks students to get out to vote at his Newtown campus rally last week.
Kaine’s message aimed to persuade listeners to vote for the entire democratic ticket. He emphasized how close Election Day is, as well as the great need for volunteers to help phone bank and knock on doors to boost voter turnout.
“We’re living in a time of surprises,” Kaine said, “Polls have been wrong, pundits have been wrong, the GOP nominated someone who most people didn’t think would get the GOP nomination. You can’t take anything for granted, we’re living in a season of surprises.”
The danger of polls is that they give people a false sense of security before election day. Voters may see their candidate of choice doing really well in one poll, then decide they don’t have to vote because their candidate is ahead.
It is critical for voters to get out to their polling places on Election Day, no matter what the polls say. “You’re the Keystone state and you’re key to this win,” he said.
Kaine also addressed the democratic ticket here in Bucks County, and had various politicians speak at the rally.
Josh Shapiro, attorney general candidate, spoke to the crowd about what he’ll do for Pennsylvania. He spoke on topics such as legislation for stricter gun control and access to clean drinking water for every home.
Newtown Borough councilman Perry Warren also campaigned. “It is absolutely critical for the folks in this audience that we elect Democrats up and down the ticket,” he said.
Ben Cardin, Maryland Senator, was a key speaker. He joked with the crowd about why a Maryland senator would be at a rally in Bucks County. Cardin told the crowd about his personal relationship with Kaine and how he wants to help win our very important county.
Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey is confident that Bucks County will go blue this election. “It’s one of the most important counties, literally, in the whole country,” Casey said. “I have no doubt that this county will deliver for Hillary Clinton on Election Day.”
Other influential speakers included Bucks County Democratic Party Chairman John Cordisco and Middletown Township Supervisor Amy Strouse.
A middle school student named Katie told the crowd that Hillary Clinton is her role model. She said Clinton is laying the groundwork so she can take office in the White House one day.
“I may not be able to vote yet but this is a way I can make sure Hillary Clinton becomes the first woman president of the United States,” she said about her volunteer efforts at Clinton’s Doylestown office.
Similar to Vice President Biden’s visit to the Bristol campus several weeks ago, attendants were asked to sign up to volunteer for the campaign in the few weeks until Election Day.
Kaine’s appearance on campus boosted morale, motivating the audience to show their support for Clinton and get out the vote.