SGA is Taking Care of Business

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SGA is Taking Care of Business

Tyler Creighton

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Trick or Treat? As early as it may be in the semester, the SGA has wasted no time in planning multiple events for students to take part in, some of which include some hush-hush Halloween surprises (dunking for apples?)
A masquerade ball is in the works for December which is likely to take place in the historic Tyler Mansion where students can unwind and milly- rock the night away.
One might feel rather surprised when they find themselves seated in the back of room 117 in the Rollins Center, not in fact attending a fully booked course on English composition, rather a student government association or SGA meeting presided over by President Theodora Dagkliandonopoulos, who oversees, and coordinates all SGA activity. Dagkliandonopoulos mentions, “SGA is like the makeup artists behind the scenes, you can’t see them do the work, all you see is the magic at the end and it gives the students the voice they deserve.”
The level of student participation in the SGA has increased dramatically in the past few semesters. Optimist Anthony Consoli, the secretary of the SGA responsible for recording and seeing to the timely dissemination of the minutes during SGA meetings, as well as serving as the exclusive custodian of all SGA records at Bucks, believes that there is “a vibrant future ahead for the SGA,” as more student involvement sanctions an enhanced representation of the student body. Consoli says, “The student government provides numerous opportunities for students to practice leadership skills and develop adroitness that can be used in professional environment’s post-graduation.”

At its core, the SGA is an organization of students committed to representing the student body, promoting participation by students, hearing the appropriately voiced concerns of all students, sharing pertinent information with students, administering student activities fees in the best interest of the student body, overseeing and assisting in developing student clubs and organizations, and lastly to having a good time by financing student programing groups at each campus which facilitate social and recreational activities.
There are also quite a few opportunities for students to volunteer that the SGA would like students to be aware of. PACAC is a one stop shop as a college fair for students interested in transferring, and they will need some help with the set-up and tear-down of the event taking place from 6 am to 8 pm on Thursday Oct 5. Did you know you could get paid up to $35 a game as a scoreboard operator? The fall sports program is in search for reliable students to work for pay. To find out about more ways of getting involved in the SGA or volunteer/working opportunities you can stop by the student life center or visit the Bucks website for contact information. On the SGA page on the Bucks website there is also an issues & concerns section where any student may anonymously voice their concerns, as Dagkliandonopoulos has put it the purpose of SGA is to “give the students the voice they deserve.”
The student government executive board consists of President: Theodora Dagkliandonopoulos, Vice-President: Brian Deley, Treasurer Shanzeh Khan, Secretary: Anthony Consoli, Director of Events: Katie Chookagian and Director of Communications: Dalton Dennis. The next SGA meeting will take place Tuesday Oct 3 from 12:30-1:30pm.

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