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“Under the Knife” Exhibit At Bucks

Taylor Marzi, Centurion Staff

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The Hicks Art Center is hosting a new exhibit, Under the Knife: Contemporary Cut Paper Art, which will be running this fall from now until Oct 14. According to Jennifer Garey, who is in charge of the exhibit at Bucks, cut paper art is “An art, instead of using a pencil or paintbrush they would use paper and shadows. In some they show the shadows which is part of the exhibit. Some of the pieces of art may show a popup book which plays with the shadows as well.” This art has been around for centuries and is used widely in most of Asia as well as all over the world. A few of the artists displayed in the exhibit are Colette Fu, Erik Ruin, Sarah Sadie Slate, many of whom are from the local east coast area. The exhibit contains diverse forms of paper cut art ranging from more traditional wall pieces to pop up books as well as stop motion videos. Jennifer Garey went on to talk about the videos playing in the exhibit, “They use the videos all in different ways, one artist uses a stop motion. Another uses the paper cut art and uses panning in a video and plays with light and sound.” She then continued to describe her favorite pieces in the exhibit, “Jed Morfit pieces are very good, and ‘Mysteries of Flight’ is a nice one. On the digital gallery Amy Lee Ketchum’s video is lots of fun to watch. A diver with lots of animation and sound.” The exhibit also has been hosting events such as an artist panel and a gallery reception. The artists are able to answer questions at the panel and the curators of the exhibit speak in the reception. A pop-up book work shop was held by Colette Fu where attendees could register to have a hands-on experience to paper cut art with a great artist. The arts department at Bucks has other exhibits on display in addition to the paper cut exhibit such as the “Artmobile” and “Biennial Art Faculty Showcase.” The college’s website explains this exhibit as “Artmobile is an art museum for all ages housed in a 48-foot semi-trailer. It travels throughout Bucks County from September to June, visiting all 13 school districts and many public sites” The “Biennial Arts Faculty Showcase” will be on display at Bristol campus Nov 1 to Dec 11, which will show the artwork of faculty members including art, music, and cinematography. For more information on the arts at Bucks County Community College head down to the Hicks Art Center to take a look or visit the college’s website for more information.

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“Under the Knife” Exhibit At Bucks