Students’ Takes on Trump’s Poor Track Record with Women

Gabby Houck, Centurion Staff

It’s not a secret. Most women loath our president. Now we can’t completely disregard the fraction of women that do support him. But for the overwhelming majority that cannot stand him, can we really blame them?

Defunding Planned Parenthood, cracking jokes about grabbing our genitalia, passing legislation that makes it easier for our bosses to deny us birth control coverage because of moral obligations. It essentially feels like a war is being waged on women, a war that most women are determined not to lose.

In an email interview, Professor Annette Conn confided “I think that women’s rights are seriously threatened by Trump’s administration.” Professor Conn teaches American Women’s literature here at bucks.

In terms of all the rallies and movements women have started in response to the threats from our country’s current administration Conn asserted “Toning it down is not an option…” “We need to elect more women to political office, both locally and nationally.”

“These marches and rallies are so important…”  Said Jillian Broskey, a 20 yr. old journalism major from Newtown. “Women need to use their voices or else nothing will change.”  Broskey insisted.

Broskey, like most women is not a fan of the culture our president promotes “The fact that he mocked women all throughout his campaign sets an example that it’s okay…”  “That you can still run for president and win even after mocking us.”

Broskey, aggravated, said “We were making so much progress with Obama and now it feels like we’re taking steps backwards…” “People shouldn’t be able to control other people, especially when it’s some ignorant white guy doing all the controlling.”

Broskey isn’t the only one who shares this sentiment about moving backwards, 19 yr. old Lucas DiSangro from Levittown, majoring in communications said “Nothing about Trump screams advocate for women’s rights…” “It seems like while we’re all trying to move forward while he’s moving backwards.”

Shayna Lopez McClain a nursing major in her freshman year from Doylestown admitted “I’m a Christian, but Mike Pence pushing his religious agenda down the country’s throat just isn’t something I agree with.”

“I think this is all stemming from ignorance…” said McClain. “They’re too focused on the aspect of sex and women being irresponsible and loose, but the truth is that life happens.”

“People depend on that stuff… again they think its all based on sex and promiscuity but some women need it for hormones, everyone’s bodies are different and they don’t understand that.”

Our administrations agenda for women is an alarming one, but there are things you can do to help it. Call your senators, call your state representatives, get your voice heard. Donate to the foundations they’re trying to take away, don’t just let it happen. Demonstrate, come to together, and if that’s not your thing then support those who do from the sidelines. In 2017 we shouldn’t be battling for our body’s rights, or any rights for that matter, but if it’s a battle you’re willing to join, don’t hesitate.